2017 summer flounder regulations could be disastrous for South Jersey with 3 fish over 19″ .In my opinion the regulators are controlled by organizations determined to destroyed recreational fishing with ridiculous regulations. 98% of all summer flounder over 18″ are female which means assuming we obey the law we will be throwing back prime spawners. A 18-21″ summer flounder produces the most prime and healthy eggs.

HOWEVER  NJ  fishing organizations and politicians for the first time in my memory are together in this fight with regulators and this could get interesting.

Best we can hope for in 2017 is keeping 2016 regulations in place until better data is available

Flounder fishermen NEED to keep pounding their legislators on this issue. Congressman Pallone and LoBiondo have introduced legislation to keep 2016 regulations in place for 2017 . In my opinion a little late AND THEY NEED TO KEEP HEARING FROM FISHERMEN as their legislation is a little late to save 2017 season and could just be  a smoke screen to keep voting fishermen happy. WITHOUT ongoing involvement of fishermen we are going to lose this fight because Environmentalist have the money and major influence on Congress

DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT ,TIME IS SHORT ,write your congressman again and again until we get relief