WEAKFISH are showing up in decent numbers and size… Shallow bays in Cape May County have weakfish spawning and once they drop their eggs they go on a heavy feeding.. Shallow bays that empty into ICW will produce especially on a dropping tide. Baits that resemble grass shrimp will out produce almost anything else BUT you need to work the bait slow and allow bait to drift in the tide falling out of a shallow bays like Townsend Sound, Ludlam Bay, Pecks Bay to name a couple… Also inlet jetties  in all the inlets south of AC and certain tides can be outstanding and  giving how deep AC inlet is it can be very productive…. Don’t be surprised to get hooked up with weakfish 14-24″ as they are here and spawning but won’t stay long..  They drop their eggs ,go on a heavy feeding and head offshore and north…Upcoming tides look excellent      let me know if successful, NO spots  just general info