A Holiday weekend and boats were all over the waterways scaring the fish to death. I went north away from crowd but found nothing. Headed back to back where I counted 77 boats in about a 1 mile stretch and went right on by to my home creek where I found 3 fluke including 1 -20″er . Called it a day as I was not going to fight the crowds , Can’t wait for Tuesday. May try it in morning but not for long

Fishing Report 5/25

OPENING day for Summer Flounder and it was pouring rain at 6am so after saying hello to my boat I went home. Rain started letting up around 10 so headed back to boat and went out looking for Fluke . Found fluke BUT could not find a legal fish.. Ended up with 12 and nothing larger than 17 1/2 ..Clearly not a picture perfect opening Day but tomorrow is another day


Left dock a little later than normal as I had to wait for rain to let up a little.Once rain got down to a drizzle I headed out looking for Bass and found Bluefish .After catching 2, I left them and went looking for Fluke. Found 12 Fluke including a 19 and 20″er. Not the most pleasant morning to be on the water but fish didn’t seem to mind
This is probably is my last day of peace and quiet on the water as Fluke season opens tomorrow and I suspect it will be a Zoo.
Everything I am catching is with Gulp minnows in pink or clear/white on my Bucktail Willie rig
You do have to work for them,if no bait on your fishfinder you probably won’t have fish ,Once you find one, work the area as generally there will be more than one in same spot
Good luck

5/23 /17

A very damp morning with light winds I left dock looking for Bass and found 2 –24 and 19″ plus one Bluefish 23″ Switched to fluke on top of the tide and found 13 including 5 over 18″ up to 21″… Tide running out now for 2 hours bite slowed up and I was ready to call it a day rather than go looking for more
Thrusday is opening day and there are close to 120 fluke out there with my tag.PLEASE if you catch one with a tag either YELLOW or US Wildlife RED TAG take the time to mail in with info as it is critical data needed for any relief for 2018


WIND WIND WIND,Left dock at daybreak with a stiff SW wind and knew once sun got up it would be harder
Took a ride north for bass and got into one but she broke off as I was ready to net. Tried for another 20 minutes and nothing so headed for fluke territory . wind is howling and I’m drifting at 3 mph a hour,too fast but did manage to find one short fluke.Wind is just too much for fluke so decided to look for Bluefish and could on;y find one and decided to head home as this old man was beat up in this wind. Wind tomorrow looks worse and will be much cooler


Wind was up after 2 days of light winds but I left dock with only a couple of hours to fish as AC press had a reporter meeting me at dock at 9am
Tried for bass and nothing ,switched to fluke and now the wind was up little more and drift was fast but I manage to find 3 . Decided to look for Blues as they don’t mind a fast drift and manage to get into 3,not the monsters of last week as these were 20″ fish. Tide started in so thought I would look for a bass one more time and nothing so headed to dock and called it a morning to meet the interviewer
Tomorrow looks like another day of wind before a cold front comes through


Assuming no more problems the 2017 Summer flounder season will open next Thurs or Fri with 3 fish at 18″
Clearly not the best option BUT NJ has worked hard to get to this… ASMFC appears it will put NJ out of compliance BUT NOAA will not agree and a compromise was reached for 2017… NJ representatives from Governor on down deserve a thank you as without them we would be looking at 3 fish at 19″
NJ Marine Council has committed to keep fighting for better regulations in 2018 and are looking at several different options


Another beautiful morning as I pulled out of the dock and decided to skip bluefish and find some fluke and I did. Caught and tag 14 fluke but only 2 over 18″ .this was on last of outgoing and beginning of incoming. Decided to look for Bluefish before calling it a morning and found them in a little different place and managed to get 12 between 20-24″. After losing my last rig to these teethy monsters I called it a morning.
Tomorrow I will only fish a couple of hours before a AC Press reporter meets me to discuss my 20,000 tagged fish. Have no idea what her agenda will be . NJ Marine Council meets today and whatever the 2017 regulations will be will come out. Personally I think NJ needs to go out of compliance and go to Court as NJ is getting screwed big time on summer flounder , I will attend the meeting

fishing report 5/16

Trying one more time to get this out
Left dock on a beautiful morning looking for a bass but only found 6 Bluefish. Switched to fluke and while the bite was slow I did get 11 with 5 over 18 up to 24″. They were just mouthing the bait due to colder water I suspect and it was start of incoming tide
Hopefully tomorrow with be another decent day on the water

Fishing Report 5/12

Wind,Wind ,wind but Pat Martin was onboard and he wanted to find some Bluefish which isn’t very hard to do right now so out we went. Spent a few minutes looking and than found them and after landing 15 most of which were 18-21″ with one 28″er we decided to look for fluke but wind as tide slowed down got harder . We quickly picked up 2 than decided to head home but made one more stop a little out of wind and picked up 3 more. Largest was 18 and 20″. Wind now coming harder and we headed to dock and called it a day. Not too bad of a day for the conditions
I will be off the water until at least Monday