After 2 weeks of much difficulty for this old man I am testing one more time thanks to the brilliance of my older son who is a computer genius and has clean up the mess that transferred onto this new computer hopefully from here on out I will be back to posting as normal

8/24 TEST


8/25 fishing report

After catching some Spot yesterday , My #! son with his 2 boys went with me looking for Bass on top of tide. Incoming produced nothing but as tide started out we got 2 good bites on Spot but never got them to boat. Kept working same area and picked up one short bass and a 18″ Bluefish following losing 2 Spots to Bluefish
Seem like there are a few bass around but only want Spot
Will work the Spots hard starting Monday


Left dock this morning at 6am and found water temp of 80 in my creek. Took a ride looking for cooler water but best I could find was 78. Looked around for signs of bait and nothing,Sea gulls were just sitting and looking at me .Decided to look and see if there were any weakfish in the holes leading out of the bay NOTHING.. Switched to fluke and could only find 3 but one was 20″ …Fishing /catching will be tough unless this water temp drops little… Nice morning on the water so guess I should not complain


Left dock at daybreak looking for bass but with 76 degree water all I found were half ass misses on my surface plug. Switched to fluke on start of incoming working the inlet and nothing. Headed into bay and all I could find was 1 short. Wind coming up steady and my hat blew off and went right to bottom. I figured this was a sign to go home and off I went calling it a morning by 830
Bait is starting to show up as I saw 2 smalls pods of mullet


After taking weekend off and staying away from weekend warriors I took off this morning at 5am looking for bass but with water temp of 76 I found none .Switched to fluke but ll I could find was 7 shorts . Beautiful sunrise BUT it didn;t last long and rain was in the air and sure enough I got wet before heading back to dock .Looks like next couple of days will be a little wet
I am hearing of an evening bite near the inlet and a few REDFISH being caught just before dark

Technical Difficulty

I apologize for the technical breakdown but now back on line …
I did fish on 27th looking for bass first but with water temp of 75 all I got was one miss on my popper. Switched to Fluke and picked up 4 shorts before calling it a morning and beating the rain


Wind finally dropped out so out I went at 5am …Sometimes you win and sometimes the fish win. Today was a win for the fish… Started out looking for bass by going to the spot I had them before the blow. Nothing there ,tried 3 other spots close by Nothing.Headed into the Sound and worked the East bank and still nothing.Switched to fluke ,3 different spots nothing ,4th stop picked up a short ,and on 5th stop one more short .Headed home but made one more stop and picked up a 3rd short and called it a day
Score one for the Fish

No Fishing Today Again

More rain and more wind. Checked out the boat and got soaked ,wind dried me out .Rain let up but wind didn’t and gusty MAYBE Tomorrow


Left dock at 5am and headed out to where I had a couple bass yesterday ;First drift I hook uo with 18″ My screen was lit up with fish. BUT here comes an ouy of State asshole running full out with a 3ft or better wake and once this asshole left my screen went empty whatever I was seeing Bass clearly moved out and no where in sight. Decided to look for them but never saw another fish. Switched to fluke and managed to get 7 but all shorts, Still pissed off I decided to bo home. Don’t know if I will get Saturday in , but clearly if looks like Sunday will be a no go. In fact next week with decent tides looks ugly.