Another beautiful morning as I pulled out of the dock and decided to skip bluefish and find some fluke and I did. Caught and tag 14 fluke but only 2 over 18″ .this was on last of outgoing and beginning of incoming. Decided to look for Bluefish before calling it a morning and found them in a little different place and managed to get 12 between 20-24″. After losing my last rig to these teethy monsters I called it a morning.
Tomorrow I will only fish a couple of hours before a AC Press reporter meets me to discuss my 20,000 tagged fish. Have no idea what her agenda will be . NJ Marine Council meets today and whatever the 2017 regulations will be will come out. Personally I think NJ needs to go out of compliance and go to Court as NJ is getting screwed big time on summer flounder , I will attend the meeting

fishing report 5/16

Trying one more time to get this out
Left dock on a beautiful morning looking for a bass but only found 6 Bluefish. Switched to fluke and while the bite was slow I did get 11 with 5 over 18 up to 24″. They were just mouthing the bait due to colder water I suspect and it was start of incoming tide
Hopefully tomorrow with be another decent day on the water

Fishing Report 5/12

Wind,Wind ,wind but Pat Martin was onboard and he wanted to find some Bluefish which isn’t very hard to do right now so out we went. Spent a few minutes looking and than found them and after landing 15 most of which were 18-21″ with one 28″er we decided to look for fluke but wind as tide slowed down got harder . We quickly picked up 2 than decided to head home but made one more stop a little out of wind and picked up 3 more. Largest was 18 and 20″. Wind now coming harder and we headed to dock and called it a day. Not too bad of a day for the conditions
I will be off the water until at least Monday

fishing Report 5/11

What a difference a day makes ,this morning cool at 49 with stiff easterly wind but I headed out.Made a stop for a bass and found a 32″ Bluefish.Left bluefish for fluke and it was a difficult drift but managed to get 7 fluke but nothing over 18″ ,also found a 18″ Bluefish . Top of tide I headed home as the east wind with outgoing tide was not going to be pleasant and made one more stop in my creek where I picked up 2 more fluke and 1 at 19″ Total for day 9-Fluke and 2 Bluefish.
Tomorrow looks iffy and Sat looks like a washout.

fishing report 5/10

Finally got a decent day with no or little wind. Headed out looking for fluke with 1 hour left of incoming and fluke were hungry. Working a small area away from traffic I found 16 fluke including 4 over 18. Decided to head home but made one stop in my creek and picked up another 3 fluke including one of 21″
total for morning was 19 fluke and 5 over 18″ all swimming around with a yellow tag
Had to get home to tie into the ASMFC meeting on computer where 2017fluke would be a topic
May get out tomorrow but Friday looks ugly


Well wind finally laid down a little but it was cool at 46 when I left the dock. Headed out for fluke with hour left on incoming and managed to pick 11 Fluke including 3 over 18 up to 21″ . Tide out an hour and fluke shutdown so decided to look for Blues and found 5 before calling it a morning and headed home. Did make one stop to see if any bass were around but nothing
Was a nice morning for a change

fishing report 5/8

Another cool and windy morning but I left dock around 7 and headed to bay with Fluke on my mind and I found them and ended up with 14 fluke up to 23″ and 4 over 18″ Wind coming up harder and gusty so decided to head home but made a stop on Bluefish and picked up 5 ,these are smaller fish than last week running 19-23″ but still angry and good at destroying bucktails
After the 5th one called it a morning.
Can someone do something about this wind ??


Wind was a major problem but did manage to land 15 Bluefish,little smaller than earlier this week but still 20-24″. I stayed with it for 2 hours than I had enough of fighting the wind and returned to dock and called it a day
Bluefish are everywhere and have probably chased all the stripers back into the ocean. Didn’t try for fluke as wind was too much of a problem..This has to be the windiest Spring in my 60 years of fishing this area .Maybe it will lay down tomorrow but I’m getting too old to fight the wind

fishing report 5/4

Left dock this morning with 2 hours left on outgoing tide and stiff NE wind blowing and cool. First stop I got into a Big Bluefish but decided to look for some fluke and found 7 with 2 better than 18″ .Wind is howling and making a drift difficult so on bottom of tide I decided to call it a day but made one more stop and got into 32″ Bluefish and than headed for home
Looks like a ton of rain moving in tonight and tomorrow with forecast of as much as 2″ and wind so won’t be out tomorrow. Sat morning 7am I will be on radio with Shep on fishing on WOND.


Left dock this morning with wind sucking in and looking for Bluefish and found 5 between 27 and 32″ ,switched to fluke as the wind was picking up and managed to get 6 fluke including 2 over 19″ But now the predicted wind is howling and pushing 25-30 out of the southwest so I called it a morning
Water was dirty as wind was pushing mud off the flats. I suspect there were a lot more fish there but wind made it impossible for me unless I anchored up and that is something I rarely do so it was a short day