Wind finally dropped out so out I went at 5am …Sometimes you win and sometimes the fish win. Today was a win for the fish… Started out looking for bass by going to the spot I had them before the blow. Nothing there ,tried 3 other spots close by Nothing.Headed into the Sound and worked the East bank and still nothing.Switched to fluke ,3 different spots nothing ,4th stop picked up a short ,and on 5th stop one more short .Headed home but made one more stop and picked up a 3rd short and called it a day
Score one for the Fish

No Fishing Today Again

More rain and more wind. Checked out the boat and got soaked ,wind dried me out .Rain let up but wind didn’t and gusty MAYBE Tomorrow


Left dock at 5am and headed out to where I had a couple bass yesterday ;First drift I hook uo with 18″ My screen was lit up with fish. BUT here comes an ouy of State asshole running full out with a 3ft or better wake and once this asshole left my screen went empty whatever I was seeing Bass clearly moved out and no where in sight. Decided to look for them but never saw another fish. Switched to fluke and managed to get 7 but all shorts, Still pissed off I decided to bo home. Don’t know if I will get Saturday in , but clearly if looks like Sunday will be a no go. In fact next week with decent tides looks ugly.


Last night I reviewed some old logs and found an area I had not tried this year so headed there this morning at crack of dawn. I found 2 bass so it pays to keep good logs . Tried another area and got 26″ Bluefish. Switched to Fluke and found 8 including 1 legal at 19″

Fishing Report 7/18

Pulled out of dock at %am and went looking for Bass. Had one miss the lure but that was all she wrote. Switched to fluke and found 9 in 7 different places and all short between 16-17 1/2″ Also got into a big cow nose Ray that I gave my lure to once I got it close to boat.Back at dock by 930


Beautiful morning as I pulled out of dock at 5am and went looking for bass ,but could only raise one and it miss the lure “630 sun up and still no bass so switched to Fluke. Managed to find 9 short fluke in 7 different spots . Also got into one big Ray that I contributed my bucktail to. Wind coming up so called it a day

july 17th

lEFT DOCK AT 5:30 WATER TEMP AS 76 ,went looking for weakfish ,found none but lot of grass as tide slowed up,,,,Headed to my incoming spot and more grass. 730 called it a day as nothing touched my bait…Another bad sign is there were NO BASS in the light this morning, huge school of peanut bunker but no bass
Have to come up a different plan tomorrow


Left dock this morning under cover of darkness looking for a bass at dead low tide and was not successful , Water temp on bottom of tide 74 but as tide started rolling in the temp dropped to 64 . Switched to fluke and bite was real slow and only managed 5 shorts….Shoobies arriving so called it a morning. Tomorrow should be better but tides all week will be lousy in morning


HR200 was passed this week by the U.S,House and it provides some needed relief in Saltwater Recreational Fishing and now goes to Senate
The Senate bill is S-1520 and the Senate needs to pass by year end or the process has to start all over
If interested in Recreational Saltwater Fishing ?,take the time to contact your US Senator and tell them you support S-1520 and encourage then to vote for it and get it done by end of this year .Senators will be bombarded by “so-called” Environmentalist encouraging them to vote against this bill. If bill does not get past you can expect less and less saltwater fish being allowed to be kept by recreational fishermen and shorter seasons..
Your Senator NEEDS to hear from you


LEFT dock under cover of darkness this morning looking for bass on start of incoming but not expecting much and didn’t get disappointed as I found no bass.. Switched to Fluke and found them at each place I stopped but no size ,most were 16″ up to 17 1/2 but nothing legal… I stopped at a place I don’t usually stop for fluke and never expected to get any BUT pulled 4 out of this spot which was only a nice little hole surrounded by 2-3ft of water and hole had 10-12ftf water Key to success is make sure you see some bait in water even if just a few on your machine . Also if you want the best bait and need some advice don t miss Cameron at Boulavard Bait and Tackle for latest info and hottest bait
I will not be fishing tomorrow as I will let the weekend warriors take ove
Have a Good Weekend and Tight Lines