Maybe the bite has started. Left dock before sunrise with bass on my mind. spent an hour last night going over old logs and had a different plan this morning as a result. After searching around a little I found a bass on last on incoming tide right where they were last year but 2 weeks earlier. Worked that area through the top of the tide and first hour out and ended up with 6 bass 23-24″ .
Once tide started gushing out I could not find another bass. One thing I notice that may help is all the bass were caught on my drop back letting it hit the bottom.they would pick it up as I lifted off the bottom
Maybe they have started .Will not fish tomorrow but hope to get 3 days in next week


After 2 days of wind and rain I headed out looking for bass and I looked and I looked and never had a touch. Tide is way up and I could have floated my boat to Parkway there was so much water. Tried for Fluke but could only find one
Wind came up making life miserable so headed home and called it a day


A beautiful  morning pulling out of dock in flat calm conditions and a high tide. I threw my popper over 500 times and could only raise one bass, this bass probably 26-28″ put on a helleva show in 3 ft of water with 2 great jumps and a 3rd jump that she spit the popper out and fish was gone..I did appreciate the show however. Disgusted after 500 cast I went looking for Fluke and they are still here.Picked up 13 before quiting and going back to bass but no bass. I have no idea where the bass are and this is turning out to be my worst October in 60 years of fishing October for bass. MAYBE November will be better


After taking 2 days off to play with my new granddaughter I went out this morning looking for bass. 37 degrees but no wind . I looked for 2 hours without a touch, switched to Fluke and tagged 13 and started home.Made one stop on way in my creek and picked up 3 bass 19-22″ on bottom of the tide
water temp 60 degrees with some spots down to 58
Next couple of days look UGLY maybe couple of hours in morning than doesn’t look good


Tough morning for bass, Dick Omrod was up from Florida and we spent 3 hours looking for bass without a touch. I needed to get a fix with a bent rod or I was going to start talking to myself so we switched to Fluke .Fluke were a lot more cooperative and before calling it  a morning we had 22 Fluke 15-17″ and 2 bluefish. All caught of bottom of the tide. If interested , trick is to find water dropping off the flats into deeper water and lightly up and down jigging with Berkley Gulp…..Not exactly what I would want to find in October but they did keep us entertained …Bass not being here in my area is starting to worry me ,we should be catching bass right now Maybe next week they will show ,it will be colder next week ,don’t mind cold if wind gives us a break


Another beautiful sunrise,left dock optimisitc looking for bass BUT none were found.I have no idea what is going on around here,bass are being caught south and north but not in this area. 3 other boats out this morning and no one had bass
I did troll up a couple of nice Sea Bass of 13″ but season doesn’t open until Sat…. Couple Bluefish and one 4 ft shark
I stopped for fluke before calling it a day and picked 8 so fluke are still here. I bought some new plugs and will try again tomorrow. Looks like a dry cold front moving in


Beautiful sunrise but it didn’t last long as weather is on the way. I searched for bass with no success. Caught almost everything that swims bluefish,sea bass,kingfish,lizardfish,shark and 6 fluke But no bass
this is shapping up as my worst October ,clear sign that bass population is DOWN .But maybe they are just late. did see the first small flock of Brandt this morning
Tomorrow doesn’t look good


A beautiful morning following the all day rain yesterday and again I went looking for bass, Second stop I had a bass than never saw another and I fished the entire incoming tide.Small bluefish driving me crazy… I did make a stop before quiting to see if Fluke were still here and picked up 5 befaore calling it a morning. Stiff SE wind blowing now but if it lets up I may go back out at dust
These bass are starting to frustrate me and increasing my bar bill


Left dock at sunrise and what a beautiful sunrise it was but it didn’t last long as clouds rolled in. Found a Bass on first stop again and than nothing .Decided to run south where I found 2 bass . Weatherman is reporting light winds and no rain but something wet is falling ??? Decided to head back to my areas and after a couple of stops fro bass and nothing I hit a fluke spot and landed 6 ,now while weatherman is still saying no rain whatever is falling from sky got little more intense.went back looking for bass with no sucess so called it a day .Local weatherman still saying no rain until Friday !!!!! but I’m soaked
If whatever is falling from sky lets up I may try it again at dust

fishing report 10/12

A beautiful morning ,little cool but it is OCT .First stop I got into a bass than nothing but couple of Bluefish the next 4 hours and I put some miles on looking but never saw another bass. Decided to call it a morning but made a stop on way home to see if any fluke still around and they were home.Picked up 6 including 2 over 19″
Hopefully one of these days the fluke will be going and bass will be here We need the Brandt to arrive I think