fishing report 9/21

Well after 2 days of staying tied up at dock I left this more at day break looking for Bass but found water temp at 74 ,not good. Tried several spots with no bass . Headed for the fluke grounds on top of the tide,not a good tide this time of the year. Worked the fluke area hard but could only come up with 2 fluke both over 18″. Decided to look for Spot and even that was slow and only got One . Wind coming up I called it a day and headed to the barn. Water is dirty and may need a couple of tides to clean up…Have to keep an eye on that other monster storm that just destroyed islands


I got to the dock around 6:45 with a steady warm drizzle and building wind. Turned on radio to get latest Marine weather and it was not encouraging. So instead of fishing I cleaned up the boat and added a couple of lines in case the wind is greater than predicted tomorrow.
I did get a confirmation on a strange fish I caught yesterday and it turns out to be a 15″ cobia. I have caught a couple of cobia in inlet but never saw a small one like this one .
Always amazing what you can catch this time of the year.. One fish that seems absent is blowfish .
Lets hope weather gets through and bass show up


Left dock this morning around 5:30 and wonder out in the dark thinking I may find a bass BUT when I looked at water temp it was 75 and tide had just started out ,no good but worked my area for an hour with nothing to show for it. Fired up the engine and headed to the fluke grounds. Dead calm and after 4 drifts I never had a bite. Now I was sure there were fluke here as there was a lot of bait so stayed with it in same area. Fluke woke up and over next 1 1/2 hours I picked up 17 fluke with 3 over 18″
Lesson here is IF YOU ARE SEEING BAIT and no bites stayed with it ,maybe changed color ,or change the your drift slightly and the bite should start . If bait is there fish are usually near by
Weather doesn’t look real promising next few days.maybe I can get tomorrow morning in ????


I didn’t get out until 9:30 following my time on Shep’s fishing show. Very foggy all morning and at 10am still foggy but clearing a little. Headed right to my fluke grounds with 1 1/2 hours of outgoing tide. I ended up with 11 fluke but only one over 18″ .Once tide stopped and turned in the bite was over so headed home
Did make a stop for Spot but could only find one
May get tomorrow in but than it looks a little nasty for a couple of days with JOSE

fishing report 9/15

Another flat calm beautiful morning with air temp of 72 at 5:30am
Left dock with bass on my mind but no signs of bass so headed to fluke grounds where I caught 17 fluke with 3 over 18″ up to 20″.. 3 bluefish and called it a morning as tide died out.Stopped for Spot and picked up 6 …Bait box is full of prime size Spot ,now all I need is for bass to show up
If you like fluke ,they are still around and best areas are in channels near shallow bays


Another beautiful morning when I pulled out of dock about 5:30am ,very light winds and warm at 73 . Went looking for bass and found none. Got into Bluefish and after landing 5 left to see if fluke were still biting. They were still biting but smaller than yesterday. Picked up 11 but only one over 18″ at just short of 20″ Tide started in fluke bite stopped. Went looking for Spot on first of incoming and managed to get 12 for my bait pen
Called it a morning
Don’t know how much longer fluke will be around ,however I have caught them into early Nov but if and when bass show up I will leave the fluke alone
Looks like tomorrow could be interesting weather wise


Another beautiful morning ,dead calm but looking at sky you knew it wasn’t going to last
Decided to work on fluke this morning and found 11 fluke including 2 over 20″ all went back with a tag. Weather not far off but I stopped to see if any Blues were hungry and picked up 3 including 2 over 24″. Headed to the barn but made a stop for Spot regardless of rain BUT could only find 2 Spot plus a mess of small sea bass which is probably why Spot were not biting ,the sea bass would not give them a chance. Well rain arrived and I headed to the barn and called it a morning


A beautiful morning,dead calm ,overcast skies perfect for finding a bass but I found NONE,looked for weakfish found Bluefish,Switch to fluke and found 3 including a 19 and 20″ er . Decided to look for spot and managed to put a dozen in my pen for bass if they ever show up
But can;t complain as it was a perfect day to be on the water.

Fishing Report 9/11

Today is a solemn day in my fishing history. 9/11 2001 I had an AM radio on board for first time and while fishing Corsons Inlet that morning it was tuned to WOND when the news started . I was catching fluke and kingfish but stopped in shock. For past 16 years I have gone back to same spot every 9/11 same time and remembered that horrible day with a few minutes of silence as I sat idle in water . Today it was bright and sunny just like that horrible day.. The bad news is that very spot today no longer holds fish due to beach replenishment sand getting pushed inside the inlet choking what use to be prime fishing area
I wasn’t in the best of moods as I left area looking for a bass but all I found was a few Bluefish 14-19″ Decided to call it a morning but made one stop for Spot and only found Sea bass’
Tomorrow will be a better day

Fishing Report 9/7

I have never liked Sept fishing, Left dock at 545 looking for weakfish ,found none,switched to bass and found none, went looking for out of season fluke and found 2 (1-19″ amd 1-16″) Decided to look for Spots for my bait pen and found 2 . Wind kicking up and called it a day
Did I tell you I don’t like Sept fishing . Lots of bass at my dock under light but not real interested. Once water temp gets under 70 hings may pick up assuming that damn storm doesn’t come up the coast