fishing report #4

Well, after spending a week in SC mountains I return to find a fish. Went out this morning with 2 hours left on outgoing which was excellent on my last trip BUT this morning SKUNKED…2 hours and never saw a fish,talked to 2 others same message ..Water temp was 8-9 degrees colder than a week ago at 50-51 degrees even up on flats
tomorrow looks like rain but maybe Monday something will get interested


WENT out this morning on top of the tide with water temp of 51 ,not good. started out looking for bass but found none ,Switched to Fluke and managed to find 2 willing to bite BUT real slow and no signs of life anywhere
Started home and made one stop for bass after seeing a little bait and managed to get one 23″ bass before calling it a morning
suspect bottom of the tide could produce some fish as water would be much warmer
I will stay tied to dock for a few days as Grand kids and visiting a friend will take my time … Should be back on water next Friday or Sat, and water should be warmer and fish hungrier

fishing report #2 April 19th

a beautiful morning ,top of the tide….Started out looking for weakfish and found NONE,,switched to Fluke and found NONE ,Apparently fish don’t like nice days….Decided to look for bass and finally saw a fish and caught it,, a feisty 22″ but that was it for the day.. I saw one fish and no bait .Water temp dropped 2 degrees to 53 this morning
Some days you get the fish some days the fish get you

2016 fishing report #1

Bucktail Willie got launched this morning and I went out with about an hour left on outgoing tide …. Picked up 3 short bass 19,20 and 22″ ..Decided to see if Fluke had arrived and picked up 3 18.19 and 21″
So 2016 has begun …Will only be able to fish couple more days this month and tomorrow looks like the wind is coming back


BOAT is almost ready to go maybe later this week but April is slipping away and I don’t have a lot of available days to fish so we shall see
I have heard of a few weakfish being caught,actually saw a guy with one at Corson Inlet park yesterday in rain and wind about 23-24″ .Also have heard of a few fluke but small being caught ,unlike a normal April when the big fluke are here ..The Dredge continues to prevent the bigger fluke from coming in Corsons . MAYBE some will sneak in through Townsends


Finally got boat back ,will work on getting electronics back on and who knows maybe I will be fish next week


Not fishing yet as engine needs a part that had to be ordered,instructions to Barnacle Bill. my mechanic ,was to make sure she was goof for another 600 hours and apparently he found a potential problem. Had planned to launched Saturday and look for weakfish but now may not get in until late next week… There are a few weakfish along with short stripers being caught AND I’m sure there are big fluke to be found on sunny days
I have some of my fish catching rigs available with the special English clip that you can’t find in US at $6 per, it is a 2 hook rig that catches fish .If interested let me know

March as arrived

I took Bucktail Willie to the ETEC doctor today for a Spring tune up and bottom painting .once back given the weather holds she will go in and back looking for fish
Fluke will begin arriving any day ,usually the last moon in March results in big fluke hiding in our shallow bays and will bite on sunny days..Trick early is working a bait very slow
Striped bass have been here all winter and will be hungry before beginning a migration
So get your boat ready,make sure your reels are in good shape and have a great year
As far as fluke is concerned,enjoy this years regulations as unless something changes we will see BIG REDUCTION next year

MARCH 5 ,2016

GET ready 2016 fishing season is close…Take time to check out equipment,grease/oil your reels and check your guides for any wear
Yesterday it looked like the dredge pulled out of Corsons and that should allow the fluke to start moving in, they are moving west and will begin breaking through inlets on last moon of this month and season will begin…Largest fish of the year will be caught in April.all have to go back but some real nice fish..Historically April produces and average over 18″ and largest fish of year
Striped bass have wintered over in many inshore areas and will be on the bite through March and April when you find a wintered school. Once they begin to move to spawning grounds bite will slow down bu tonce spawn is complete they will be hungry
Fluke season will open May 21st


I will be giving a summer Flounder seminar and information on fish tagging at Atlantic City Boat Show on Feb 4th at 1pm RFA booth
I will cover my inshore fluke techniques that I have used to tag and release over 8000 summer flounder
I will be primarily covering my home area of Cape May County but many of the ideas will work in most any area
I will cover baits and rigs used by the month from Apr-Nov for Summer Flounder