IT was a beautiful NOVEMBER morning oh wait!! it is almost MAY !!!!! Dead calm but cool at 43 ,few degrees warmer than yesterday .. Wind out of west ,”when wind is from the west the fish bite the best ” First stop picked up a bass ,next pass another one than nothing .Made a move and got #3 and 4 than nothing ,Made another move and got #5 and 6 than nothing… Wind coming up tide almost out but found another bass ,started home made one stop on very bottom of the tide and landed #8
These were not big fish 19-24″ but they were angry as a result of the hook in their mouth.
Wind just won’t quit and forecast for next couple of days doesn’t look good for wind but a little warmer

fishing report Apr 26

Another cold April morning at 41 when I pulled out with a NE wind . Could not buy a bite,took a ride to otherside of the bay where there were 15 boats and a few bluefish being caught and turn around and left Had a couple of pickups trolling but could not get a hook in them but finally landed a 25″ bass that saved the day. NE wind picking up on turn of the tide and I called it a day Would love to see some warm southerly wind


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I got out on bottom of the tide before the wind came up this morning and landed 2 bass 18 and 20″ and 1 small fluke . Had a couple other pick ups but couldn’t get a hook in them Water temp 56 on bottom of tide but 2 hours in it was down to 50 and no bites .First trip is now history
weather next 3 days doesn’t look good


BUCKTAIL WILLIE is finally floating at the dock. I  finally got her launched  this morning  and tied up BUT a west wind 20-30 mph will keep it tied up
This has been one tough Spring trying to get it back in the water with numerous little problems and lousy weather
I am probably getting too old to handle this boat and probably should be looking to downsize BUT for now it is floating. Maybe I can even try to fish in morning


Hopefully I will launch this week and wet a line .. Grand kids and traveling along with the lousy winter has me 10-14 days late

I will be putting on a Seminar on how I catch fish on MAY 16TH 3PM AT BOULAVARD BAIT AND TACKLE IN OCEAN VIEW,NJ
I will cover Fluke with opening day the following week, early Striped bass, Bluefish and Weakfish
I will cover what I do that has allowed me to tag and release 18,885


I HAVE A FEW BUCKTAIL JIGS AVAILABLE FOR SALE following taking care of my customers

sizes 3/8 OZ ,1/2 OZ .5/8 OZ.3/4 OZ and 1oz
These are round head jigs with real deer hair
in white,chartreuse,pink, and white with red wrap
prices 3/8 oz –1.50
1/2 — 1.55
5/8 1.60
3/4 1.70
1oz 1.80
sold in lots of a minumum of 20 and sizes can be mixed

if interested ,email me at                                                                     I  can send a picture if interested


PO Box 77
Strathmere, NJ 08248

March 28th 4pm Strathmere Fishing & Environmental Club recreational fisheries management meeting.
The proposed agenda and primary discussion points include:
• Regionalization of flounder: rules and regulations with a focus on southern NJ aligning with Delaware
• NJ’s 2015 regulations allowing for a 2 striped bass catch limit and to include one at 43” or longer, a valued breeding class of fish.
• NJ’s “pots off the reef” legislation, when will NJ’s reef program be re-built and who will manage the rebuilding.
• State of the union for NJ’s Recreational Fishing Alliance for the recreational fisherman.
Panel Special Guests include:
• Senator Jeff Van Drew
• Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak
• Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi
• RFA Director Jim Donofrio
SFEC Panel:
• Program Chair SFEC Public Relations Randy Roash
• SFEC President Mike Olley
• SFEC Trustee Bill Shillingford
Food and beverages at the programs conclusion prepared by Chef Ed & Chef Bud


I finally got my boat out of the snow and mud and she went off to the Hospital this morning for her Spring check up ,bottom painting and a list of annoying little issues
Once completed over the next 10 days or so I will bring home and begin re-installing the electonics and hope to launch mid-April IF weather cooperates


Winter doesn’t want to leave but fish will be here ,maybe a little later than normal but will be here ARE YOU READY???
NOW is the time to check your reels ,clean or replace drags,check the roller guide and make sure it rolls nicely, check the guides on your rods for cracks. Best way to check guides is with a cotton tip,if cottom drags or pulls replace the guide
Finally clean you rods and add a good coat of wax

IF you follow this you will be ready when fish arrive
Typically Fluke arrive first week of April and Bass that wintered over start to get hungry. This year given the weather and lower than normal water temps everything may be 2 -3 weeks late but they will get here.
Current ocean temp is 29 and unless that rises quickly next 3 weeks to upper 30′s low 40′s the Fluke migration may get stopped by cold water as they will not migrate through water temps of 28-36

In any event NOW is the time to get ready