Dead calm this morning when I pulled out of dock looking for bass BUT found no bass. Switched to Fluke up north and nothing.Made a run back south and headed for a large flat off ICW and found some fluke that were hungry and got 7 including one 20″er .Top of the tide could not find a fish. Looked like a pretty good rain heading in so headed to barn and as I pulled into dock the liquid sunshine was abundant. My bet is there will be a bite on ougoing in strathmere bay if anyone is interested once tide starts moving out… Fish were caught mostly of Sharks strips from a shark I caught earlier

fishing report 7/1

July atarted out like June ended with wind and slow bite.

Started out looking for bass and found none ,switched to fluke on top of tide where I had them yesterday ,wind building. Never had a touch until tide started out and for first hour out managed to pick up 4 shorts ,all at 17″ .Tide getting pushed by wind and drift was over 2 mph, and water was dirty not good.Tried back trolling but no fish. . Disgusted I called it a morning and headed to the bar

fishing report 6/30

A beautiful morning but as suspected the wind was building.
Went looking for bass in different areas and found one that was hungry and landed a 24″er
Sun up,wind building so switched to fluke and worked the Strathmere Bay and few fluke were hungry and landed a total of 9 including 2- 20″ers
Wind up tide half way out so headed to the barn and called it a day
Interesting thing is they only wanted meat. I caught a Croaker early and cut it for bait and that is what most of the fluke wanted especially the legal ones
GOOD BYE JUNE which turned out to be the worse in over 25 years


Clear skies when I pulled out of dock around 4:30am,little wind with more forecasted. Decided to work the Sound for bass and I worked the entire sound including some creeks and never had a touch. Another guy working same area also reported nothing. For this to happen in June is very disappointing. finally after 2 hours I finally landed a 20″ bass trolling . Sun high in sky so switched to fluke and here also the bite was next to nothing. Finally landed a 20″ fluke than again nothing. Took a ride and found one more short fluke 17″.
Fishing is tough and catching is worse and I’m at a loss as to why. Water temps are perfect between 68-70 . Wind came up gusty so decided to call it a morning…


Little foggy this morning weather map had no rain BUT I got soaked in a quick downpour.
first cast I had a short bass on a smacki jr popper but that ended up being the only bite I had the rest of the morning.Water dirty probably as a result of the Hard rain and wind last night .continues to be worst June in many moons for me


This continues to be a strange month for fish. Beautiful morning as I headed out looking for bass BUT found none ,Switched to fluke and found a slow bite but as tide turned in bite picked up . As I was drifting along ,all of a sudden the water explodes with fish jumping everywhere,a school of Bluefish 400-500 yards long and bank to bank were feeding wildly. I managed to get 12 from 17-24″ before giving up took a ride to find fluke
continued to find shorts but did manage to land one 19″er before calling it a morning .
I won’t be back on water until at least Sunday


June continues to be a lousy month this year,Left dock at 5am looking for Bass and could only come up with 1 -30″ bluefish. Switched to fluke and it also was poor.Managed to get 1 -19″ and 2 -17″ er but burnt a lot of gas looking .Water is back again dirty following a very stormy night and numerous extended power outages


After taking a couple of days off to play with grandsons I headed at this morning at 4:45 looking for bass and found none .Switched to fluke and found them but only shorts never got a fluke over 17″.Stiff SW wind against the tide when tide started in and getting hot so ended my morning early.Morning tides not all that productive as dead low was 7am


lEFT dock this morning around 4:30am looking for bass but found none.I probably made a bad move as it was raining off and on and decided to stay close with poor results . Switched to fluke and picked up 11 but only one legal fish.I suspect the bite will pick up once tide gets up today
Happy Fathers day to all the Dad fishermen
if my twin 6 year old grandsons get here I may head out again late this afternoon


TOUGH MORNING on the water, beautiful morning but fish were not cooperating . Left dock on very bottom of the tide around 5am looking for bass. dragged an eel ,threw a smacki Jr and trolled a bucktail NOTHING . Not even a Bluefish hitting on my eel.Switched to fluke and could only find a few shorts and never caught 2 in same spot .Water has cleaned up and water temp on the rise but catching was difficult.
This continues to be my worst June Ever, Maybe I should take up Golf again