Bucktail willie finally got in the water after a cold ,snowy,windy winter.
After getting all set up at my dock I headed out looking for a fish. concentrated on Bass and weakfish and found ONE short bass of 20″ but that was all she would give me
Hit several key spots and did not see any signs of life.I did not try for Flounder but may start on them next week
Water temp on tide of the tide was 48 and I suspect bottom of the tide would be much warmer and fluke bite may turn on
This is the latest I’ve launched as usually in first week of April but the weatherman would not cooperate
The area is coming alive as Laughing gulls are arriving,Osprey have been here and busy building nest. I saw a fox and a good size deer so my world is starting to come alive
I talked to a couple of guys fishing for Fluke but no one had any and I headed back to dock after 2 hours of looking to do so more work on setting up the boat
The 2014 season has officially begun
Anyone interested in Stripers there is an informational meeting Wed April 23rd in Manahawkin that will run from 7-9pm I expect to see a cutback of some sort on stripers in 2015 .IF you want to voice your opinion this is the place to be as NJ Chief biologist will be given a presentation and he will be listening to angers imput .
If anyone needs a ride let me know as I will be attending


slowly getting there

Got a lot done today on boat, Fuse box has been completely rewired and surprising enough everything is working….. Will start with wax tomorrow
Target launch due to family events upcoming weekend is April 15th

Fluke season

NJ Fluke season has been set with an Opening on Friday May 23rd and closing Sept 27th
5 fish of 18″ or more 128 days fishing
Not good news for South Jersey inshore fluke fishermen but they did not show up at council meeting so we got what we got. I spoke for May 17th start which was on;y other option and only one other supported it .
I also raised up the option of spitting the state in 2015 with half State going into NY region and half going into Delaware region. This got support from North and South and Council has agreed to look at this option as well other possibilities for 2015
For 2014 we got screwed


After chasing a snowstorm home from SC and arriving home to find 6″ of snow on ground I went over to Barnacle Bill’s to pick up my boat following a tune up and bottom painting this morning.Boat had a foot of snow on it. but she is home now waiting for a break in the weather to apply some wax and re-install the electronics. Will not meet my target of first week in April but with a weather break should launch the 2nd week
Surely this is the last of the snow. appears I got 20″ pf snow in March which is more snow than the entire winter the past 3 years .
Hopefully the ocean water temps will rise above the 40 mark quickly and some fish will get hungry


Last Thursday when it was a lot warmer ,little breezy and before the dame snow I traveled up to Tuckahoe river after capturing a few grass shrimp and small minnows
Fishing 2 rods from the bank I had 8 big Perch and one short Striped bass (15″)
It appears I will be 2 weeks late getting launched given this lousy weather

april 1 launch date questionable

I got in one day to get a little work done on boat and had planned to haul it over to Barnacle Bill’s for tune up and bottom paint BUT looked at forecast and weather is going to hell. Only highs of 30 tomorrow and not into 50′s until next week so she will continue to sit in yard as bottom paint can’t go on in low temps
May not be missing anything as ocean water temp was 37 this morning so I wait

Looking for Spring

Bucktail Willie has returned from a 10 day cruise in South Atlantic and enjoyed the 80 degree weather for sure.I had one unsuccessful fishing trip in St Lucia,trying to fish in 8-10 ft seas. All we caught were Barracuda ,very disappointing
BUT now home and looking for Spring,hoping for a few warm days to get boat ready for another season.Target is to launch first week in April BUT it could be a slow Spring as water temps are still under 40,actually ocean was reported to be 37 this morning .
Hopefully ,eveyone took my advice and put their gear away all cleaned and ready to go
Once I launch I will be again providing daily reports good or bad

Fluke regulations

I am sorry but I will not be able to atend the NJ marine council meeting on March 6th as I don’t get back from a cruise in time
IF you want your voice heard on the 2014 regulations you should try to attend the meeting that will be held on March 6th at 4pm at Galaway Twp Library
Dealing with Fishing Regulations cannot be a SPECTATOR SPORT and to make a difference you need to PARTICIPATE
I have had disccusions with numerous key people on the subject and I will be on the Shep on Fishing radio show this Sat at 7am on WOND 1400 to discuss further on possibilty of Splitting the State for Fluke fishing

South Jersey Fluke fishermen —-read on

You may or may not know NJ has been screwed by efforts of NY politicians and ASMFC has going to regionaliztion for Fluke . NJ was put into the NY/Conn region .Nj fluke fishery is much different north vs south. The new size for 2014 is tentativley set at 18″ and this could still change up or down, with 4 fish bag and 128 days
Given the State is so different this writer believes we need to split the State with north half going to NY region and south going into Delaware region
Fluke on average are smaller in southern half of State as their migration pattern is slightly north each year after spawning well oof shore . South Jersey is more in line with Delaware
Delaware Bay will be a mess under regions and will have Delaware fisherman keeping 16″ fish and Nj based fisherman 18″ with both fisherman basically fishing same areas
NJ Marine Council meets Thursday March 6th at 4pm at Gallaway library to set NJ 2014 regulations. THEY NEED to hear from South Jersey Fisherman so if able to attend please do.
Also it would not hurt to write to Congressman Lobiondo and voice an opinion,he has help in the past
NJ Fluke fisherman ,it is time for action, being a spectator will not help, you need to get involved and make a difference
As issues come up leading up to meeting I will try to Post.. I may be on the Shep on Fishing radio show which airs at 7am on WOND on Feb 22nd ,if so I will post


LONG TIME FISHING LEGEND from Sea Isle,Strathmere area and owner of MY WIFE’S BAIT AND TACKLE BILL (rodmaker ) ALEXANADER RETIRED and sold his Bait and Tackle shop to his Manager Cameron. Bill was and still is a wealth of fishing knowledge and he will be missed by those of us who have benefitted from his vast fishing fishing knowledge. Hopefully he will be stopping in the shop from time to time to continue to pass that knowledge on
The new name for the shop located on Sea Isle Blvd across from WAWA will be Boulavard Bait and Tackle and is being remodeled for a plan opening April 1
The same freshest bait and latest fishing information will be available as new Owner Cameron has studied under the old master Bill (rodmaker) Alexander’ for several years
So when the fish start to bite stop in for the latest info and freshest bait and you will be rewarded . They also will have the latest hot spots for best crabbing
I might also add the earliest Summer flounder bite with largest fish othe season starts in Ludlam Bay area . While season may not be open summer flounder begin biting in Ludlam Bay area every year in early April and the average size will be the largest of the year. It will be catch and release . Also in April in this area there is a Winter Flounder bite that seems to be improving every year. Nothing like the old days but improving every year