Beautiful morning when I pulled out of dock with John on board and we went looking for Bass and found 3 28 1/2/ ,26 and a 23 .Tide almost out and went looking for Fluke and found 13 including a 19″ and 20″er
Tide turned in and bite shut down so headed home when wind picked up
Bass are arriving Boys and Girls
1 bass on eel (largest) other 2 on Spots
Tomorrow looks a little ugly but balance of the week looks Great


I went out this morning with friend John Gasper looking for bass and we found one 27″er but that was it. Switched to fluke on bottom of the tide and picked up 11 but nothing over 17 1/2 Went looking for Spot and all we could find was Sea bass and after catching over 30 called it a morning and disappointed no spot
Will try again in morning for Bass


I didn’t get out until 1130 today as I had to take my wife to a doctor for check up . Headed out with an hour of tide coming in and no rain.Went looking for fluke but could only find one .Water temp was 73 top of the tide .In my 60 years of fishing this area I have never seen water this warm this late
Decided to look for Spot but could only find 1 Spot and over 60 little sea bass. so called it a day
Tomorrow looks a little ugly

Beautiful morning but no one told the fish. Work the first hour of incoming up until Last hour in and all I had was 1 fluke and few small sea bass Water temp 73 which is unbelievable for oct 10th .Water was also dirty and full of grass for first 2 hours
Given this water temp it doesn’t look very promising for a bass run.. Maybe with a little hard NW wind water temp will drop.. In any event I am not in the best of moods


STRATHMERE FISHING AND ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB will hold a very important meeting with local legislators and key members of the fishing community
We will have NJ Sen Van Drew and the 2 Assemblymen from District ONE. We also expect a Representative from Congressman’s LoBiondo’s office, We will have a Adam Nolwalsky from NJ RFA and NJ rep on Mid-Atlantic Council, Dick Herb Acting chairman of NJ Marine Council . A Rep from NJ DEP who will make short presentation on the process

Topics to discuss
1–NJ summer flounder regulations for 2018 and need for NJ to stay together in the fight to have fair regulations
2- Beach replenishment and destruction of inshore sand lumps
3-Sand choked inlets and shoaling ICW and other inshore Channels
Clearly this will be a VERY INFORMATIVE meeting and worth the time to attend.

Strathmere Fire House at base of the Toll Bridge
4pm Oct 14th
Hope to see you there

Fishing Report 10/7 or lack of

Left this morning around 830 following doing Shep’s radio show. Tide still coming in and I hit every spot I’ve found Fluke this week and NOTHING. Not a touch.not even little sea bass pestering me . Fished the outgoing for couple of hours and still nothing. It is just past the Full moon so maybe the fluke left but with water temp still 70 that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Could be they are so stuffed with food on incoming tide they will only bite on very bottom of the tide . In any event needless to say my sweet personality is suffering
May get tomorrow morning in before the thunderstorms show up and looks like Monday clearly is a wash out and maybe Tuesday . BUT maybe a good storm will get bass moving


A beautiful morning but tide was still coming in and I haven’t done a thing on the incoming in a month. Tried for bass but was seeing nothing on my screen,no bait,no nothing. Headed for the fluke grounds but not very optimistic . Worked the tide up and an hour out and all I had was one short fluke. I could not fish much longer due to other commitments so headed home with a stop for Spot. Picked up 3 Spot before calling it a day .
I am sure the fluke would turn on once tide got down but I would not be there.
Tomorrow morning I will be on Shep’s show at 7am so if I do fish tomorrow it will be after the tide has gone out .We shall see
You can get all the latest news in the area from Cameron at Boulevard Bait and Tackle .He will have the latest news and freshest bait

Fishing Report 10/5

A beautiful morning BUT with a stiff SW wind. Tried for bass with once again no success water temp 69
Switched to fluke but SW pushing the water out made drifting difficult and fast .Could only get a hook into 9 fluke and nothing over 18
May get tomorrow morning in than probably not out until Sunday as I will do Shep’s radio b show on Saturday
If you want Fluke for catch and release they are still here and hungry by working channel edges leading from shallow bays


Another beautiful morning and I spent 2 hours looking for Bass and found none,one 10″ weakfish was it so went looking for Fluke. Tide was slow to turn and no bites until it started out decently . Over the next 2 hours I had 21 fluke with 4 over 18 up to 20″
This is an amazing Fall ,fluke don’t want to leave ,actually most of the fluke were so clean I’m beginning to think they are still coming in
Really strange year for sure


Fairly nice morning with light winds but little cool at 51. Left dock once again looking for a bass and finding none after an hour I switched to Fluke
Fluke bite was slow and for most part fluke were just mouthing the bait which is typical when dealing with a SE wind
I did managed to land 13 with 3 over 18″ but it was tough
Water temp climb back to 68.
Fish this morning were not in the shallow water like yesterday which I suspect was due to SE wind but did find them along edges of channels
Tomorrow looks to be a little warmer
All fluke went back with a yellow tag