Well, should have stayed in Bed this morning,everything I tried from time I woke up went wrong.. I decided after yesterday to look for bass this morning only to find water temp on top of the tide at 77…not a good sign I did manage to raise 2 bass but could not get them on the hook. By 7am I’m pissed and took a ride much further north scouting future areas for the Fall .Only thing I found was one Sea Robin and a 15″fluke … I had enough frustration and headed home
I hate August but will probably be out again in morning hoping for a wind change and some cooler water but probably won’t get it


I left dock around 4:45 looking for weakfish but they were not cooperating today .water temps have climbed to 78. Found bluefish but no weakfish in normal spots Decided to try some spots that had not ptoduced but given water temps was worth a try but again bluefish . Did manage to pick up a couple of short fluke when I let bucktail drop to bottom
Some days the fish have to win but suspect until water temps drop catching will be challenging


A beautiful morning, fishing was great , catching not so good. I had weakfish on my mind this morning and tried some different spots but all that was biting was small bluefish(13-15″). Tide has now drop enough to expose the sand bar that is only place and time of tide I’ve caught any weakfish so gave it a try. Still Bluefish but did get one that went 20″. I decided I was going to stick it out instead of switching to bass and was finally rewarded with a 20″ weakfish .Area now getting crowded with rental boats so called it a morning… I will probably work on bass in shallows tomorrow in dark as I should have more of the high water


A beautiful cool August morning at 4:30 as I pulled out of dock.Plan was to find a weakfish. Weakfish were not cooperating , Bluefish were tearing up the bait but managed to land a few before deciding to try another Spot
After hitting 3 more spots with nothing I return to first spot with Tide almost out . Changed bucktails to get a little deeper . Couple more bluefish than got into a 20″ Weakfsh…Some days you just get lucky


Didn’t get a lot of sleep last after going to a Birthday Party and to make matters worse I set the alarm clock wrong,instead of 4am I had it set for 3am and never realized it until I got to dock. I left the dock a little earlier than normal. Instead of looking around I headed right to where I had fish yesterday. Dead calm and no bird activity I started trolling. 3rd pass over this spot resulted in a fat and angry 25″ bass than nothing .Decided to make a move and found another fat and angry bass of 23″ than again nothing. I’m not marking any bait like I was yesterday and tide was dropping out fast. I went back to first stop and found a couple of Bluefish in the rain. Rain coming down hard and I need a coffee so headed back to the dock where the sun was shining as the Whale Creek Navy was leaving docks .Tied up at 7:30 and came home for some sleep
Tomorrow could be iffy as forecast is all over the map but we shall see


I decided I would give it a try early this morning before the weekend wariors showed up and left dock around 4:30 with little over 2 hours of outgoing tide. First stop I got into a 20″ weakfish followed by couple of Bluefish than nothing .just before sun broke horizon I get into a 22″ Bass
Sun coming up and birds got active and I got into 4 more Bluefish
Boats now arriving so decided to call it a morning but did get a good show by one of the weekend warriors. This guy in a 22ft Grady runs out of the channel on dead low tide and sits on less than a foot of water. l . I could see him lift engine up and race engine full speed kicking mud all over as he inched his way out into deeper water. Now keep in mind this is a clearly marked ICW channel. WHAT does this guy do once in channel opens up full speed and goes right across the channel onto another mud bar. I could see he was pretty much high and dry and probably would be there for a couple of hours.
I’ve seen guys run aground before and I have done it BUT have never seen anyone after getting stuck drive directly across a marked channel onto another mud bar
Weekends are entertaining


Pulled away from dock 4:45 and it was dark. i had an hour of outgoing tide and was looking for Bass. First fish was a 22″Bluefish followed by a 20″ bass . Birds were working on bottom of the tide but I could not get a hook in a fish. Tide started in hard and I picked up 2 more Bluefish than nothing but grass so called it a morning
Not sure if I will fish tomorrow ,if I do I will be back at dock by 7am and let the shoobies in their fast boats take over


Left dock around 4:45 ,pretty dark for sure and hoping that the moon tides had flushed out the fresh water . Started out looking for bass on last hour of outgoing tide but found none. Small sea bass were driving me crazy..
Tide started back in and I finally found a 20″ bass followed by a couple of 18″ Bluefish than nothing… Made a slight move of instead of working the channel I work the edge and found a 22″ Weakfish
Tide now gushing in with wind increasing to 20 so called it a morning
Given how much fresh water was dumped in this area it was an encouraging day
water temp at 75 but wind is expected to shift to SW which hopefully will cool it down


After gettting over 5″ of rain I left dock at 5am not very optimisitc as I rarely catch fish after that much rain and I was disappointed…. spent 2 hours looking for bass and FOUND NOTHING, Never saw a fish,bottom of my fishfinder screen looked like a desert
Given it is August and following all that rain I was back at dock at 8am
this has put me in a bad mood


Tough morning, left dock with an hour of the incoming tide ,fished 2 hours and NEVER saw a fish. Water temps75-78
4th day of west wind ,we need a wind change and a water temp drop to get bass active…..few cloudy days would help
BUT it is August, plenty of real short Fluke if interested