I got out a little later than usual this morning as I wanted to give tide a chance to come in a little. quickly picked up 2 bass 23 and 25″ than nothing . I went a long stretch finding nothing. Tide is up and overflowing the banks so I decided to make a run for west side of Ludlam to a favorite spot of mine. This spot has not produced for me since spring but gave it a try and it paid off as I managed to get 4 bass, not big but very angry between 18-20″. 2 caught on a rebel and 2 on a rubber bait . Got a little wet in a cloud burst but bite was over
Total for the day was 6 bass and 1 Bluefish
Weather is going to go south ,may be able to get out in morning but than it looks like a 3 day blow .Forecast of 30-40 mph winds tomorrow afternoon and stiff winds through the weekend …Probably need it to get the fish moving and hungry.. I saw very little bait today


Another beautiful morning and I worked the last 4 hours of incoming for bass.Tried eels .plugs ,rubber, hitting just about every spot I ever caught a bass with NO results,also no bait other than small shiners…Did manage 1 -20″ fluke ,few small sea bass and bluefish but no bass.May get one more day before we get a 3 day hard blow

10/19 fishing report

The Fish won today.It appears the native bass in my area left on the moon as I never saw a fish all morning. dragged and eel and a spot and nothing touched it not even the little pain in the ass bluefish.
It is possible they went way up into marshes on the flood tide . I fished tide all the way up and little on outgoing and never had a touch
I am not in the best of moods


Another beautiful morning 70 degrees and no wind when I pulled out of dock around 7 .First Stop I picked up a 26″ bass but that was all the bass I would see the rest of the morning, Couple of Bluefish .Very high flood tide and you could not see the sodbanks as a result . Tried fishing the flats but I found nothing on flats I was fishing but did hear of a few caught inanother flat . Water temp of 66 which is unheard of for 18th of Oct
tomorrow is another day …So far anything I’ve caught has been native local fish no signs of migrating fish,migrating fish will be more silver and have a few sea lice on them

fishing report 10/17

A beautiful morning and warm .Decided to head north to look for bass and after travelling almost to 34st bridge hitting every spot I ever caught a fish and finding none I returned and headed for a shallow bay .. trolling a very light bucktail I finally got a hit in about 3ft of water and landed a 26″ bass and worked that area for another 45 minutes with nothing but little bluefish Nice day to be on the water for Oct… Only thing hitting an eel of a spot was small bluefish
first flock of Brandt have shown up


When the wind is from the north the fish do not come forth…i had the General on board today as his return trip to Florida was delayed due to weather related issues. Well I hit every spot I had a fish the last 2 days when wind was from South and all we could find was little bluefish…Make a drastic move as the wind was picking up up making a good drift tough and we got into one 27″ bass but that was all she would give us today.
It was a little “cool” this morning with that stiffer than you would like North wind and tomorrow morning looks down right cold ..So far every bass caught has been a resident


A beautiful morning in dense fog with light winds as I pulled out of dock around 6:30 catching the start of outgoing. Firdt 3 stops produced nothing.Headed to where I had 2 yesterday and once again found 2 than nothing.Went searching and found one more than nothing,took a ride working my way home make a stop saw a fish but no bite went back over same spot and this time she took the eel than nothing so called it a morning 4 bass and everyone was 25″


Well, the drought is over as I finally found a bass ,actually I found 3 all on eels and all were 25″ and they were native as they were pretty dark…Got 2 in one spot and worked that area for another 30 minutes with nothing so made a move back towards home and found 1 more before calling it a morning. as I look at it it is about time as I was beginning to think I lost it

fishing report 10/11

left dock at daybreak looking for bass and all I found was the DEAD SEA. iT IS ABSOLUTELY DEAD behind Corsons,,, Picked up a couple of 12″ bluefish but that was it
Water temp of 59


Left dock little before daybreak searching for a bass but none found on tide first 2 hours in. Switched to fluke and picked up 2 17 and 19″ than nothing .Tried for Spot and nothing not even a little sea bass.
Tough fishing/catching for sure . the fact that no bass are being found is worrisome for sure usually first half of Oct produces a few . water temp down to 65