i had John Gasper with me today and we left dock around 7:15 thinking we could find fluke on last of incoming,,little drizzle when we pulled out but light wind,,,, worked the waterways north and south for about 3 hours and all we could find was 10 short fluke and never got 2 in same spot. Water temp was dropping as tide came in and on top of tide it was 63 ,dropping from 70 when we left dock
Tide turned wind came up against the tide and more light rain so we called it a day around noon
Hopefully next week as we move away from this Strawberry moon things will pick up,hell it is even tough to lose a bait to a crab now  Won’t fish tomorrow

fishing report 6/21

Left dock this morning dodging thunderstorms with fluke on my mind after not getting any bass for past 3 days… Could not get a very good drift in the wind .
started looking in areas that usually produce in late June but found nothing after 4 stops .Sky is looking ugly and radio indicating it was pouring in Ocean City 3 miles north so headed back toward home and fished Strathmere Bay where all I could find was 2 15″ fluke. Tried some different spots with nothing so called it a morning…Another Day wasting gas … Water temp had dropped to 64 on top of the tide and this is late June !!!!!


Left dock this morning 4:45am with bass on my mind but not to be ,either they have moved on with this full Moon or have stuffed themselves on the flood evening tides ,in any event I found nothing. Switched to fluke and found a couple of shorts than got 2 legal fish of 18 and19″ followed by another short . Went back on bass on start of outgoing but nothing and called it a morning
Water temp has climbed to 68 on top of the tide


Today was one of those great mornings when the moon sets and the sun rises within 15 minutes of each other a beautiful site to see.
Fish did not cooperate for me on Fathers Day.Started where I had bass yesterday and on;y thing there was Bluefish and a mess of boats scaring hell out of the bass.Made a run north and found bluefish ,came back to original spot on tide change and Bluefish…Tried for fluke for 1/2 hour with nothing and called it a day
3 Bluefish boated 20-24″ and lost another 6 to half eaten eels
Tomorrow hopefully less boats and more fish

fishing report 6/18

LEFT dock around 5am hoping to catch some fish before the Sat fleet showed up ,first stop found a 25″ bass and caught 4 more up to 27″ . By 7am the bite was over and waterways were filling up up with boats running hard scaring hell out of the bass . Stuck with it another hour but nothing so headed to barn. Everything on live eels . One trick that helps when using live eels is to kiss the eel on it;’s lips ,seems to work well. Another guy who fishes in my area regularly refuses to do that and even though he was fishing the same area as me this morning he never had a bite

fishing report 6/17

Little damp when I pulled out of the dock and enough NE wind to annoy you.Went looking for Bass but never saw a bass, few bluefish chewing on my eel and landed 2 but they were on;y 20″ I waited for tide to change out and gave it 1 1/2 hours without a touch..Wind now against the tide and stronger. Decided to switch to fluke but could not get a good drift …Did pick up 3 but no keepers…Second day of NE wind is always a tough day I’ve found


left Dock this morning at 5am before having to drive to Rye ,NY and only 2 1/2 hours to fish ….first 2 hours of outgoing produce nothing but a 30″ bluefish ..Last 1/2 hour I picked up 2 -27″ bass on live eel but than had to head to the barn .I suspect the bite would have been good for another hour or so but I couldn’t wait’
Hope to be back Friday morning ….Water warming a little as it was 64 on top of the tide…Suspect the flounder bite would be good last hour of the tide


FINALLY found some decent bass. Little windy when I left the dock at 5am but more northerly which is fishable on outgoing tide. First stop picked up 3 bass 26,27 and 29″ than nothing so I made a move and found more and bigger bass ,picked up 3 more at 29.34 and 35″ All on live eels . Tide out so called it a morning .
Didn’t expect to fish tomorrow but think I will give it a couple of hours as I don’t have to leave for NY here until 9:30
Fish were all found in water temps under 64 never had a bite in water 65 plus


i LEFT dock 45 minutes before sunrise looking for bass. Wind was stiff but fishable ….Several passes and nothing but decided to stick it out and was rewarded with 2 bass of 26 and 27″ .than bluefish came through chopping up my eels . Sun came up and wind came up making it difficult to keep boat on good drift and no fish . Made one stop on way in and picked up one 17″ Fluke but wind was making it miserable so called it a morning
Surprising thing to me is I can’t catch a bass on a bucktail only on eel
I’ll give it a try again tomorrow morning than off for 2 days as my oldest son is coming to NY and I haven’t seen him in over a year.should be back out Friday


Cool morning with more wind than I like at bottom of tide. Fished last 2 hours out in 62 degree water and found nothing. start on incoming I found an infant who apparently was looking for it;s mama ,tagged her and sent her back to find it’s mommy, Never had another touch,incoming water quickly dropped to 59..Picked up one short fluke and disgusted I headed home,water temp down to 58 at dock. To make this even a better day!!!! I find my bilge pump not working,finally come to conclusion pump is shot ,should not complain as it has been in the boat for 12 years…Make a long story short after 3 stops in marine shops I found an exact match which was critically needed other wise major hose replacing would be needed …Tom and his expertise came to my rescue and did his excellent job of installing the new pump…..Ever need a good boat /motor mechanic Tom is outstanding
I probably won’t fish tomorrow as I will be on Shep’s radio show at 7 Hope to be back on water Monday morning