IF  you didn’ t catch fish this weekend you need to look into a new sport..I got 7 reports from 3 areas..Corsons, Townsends and Cape May Canal …These 7 reports resulted in Fluke,Bluefish including one that weighed 14lb5 oz, Weakfish, Blowfish, Drum  and sharks…Only 1 limted out on fluke but another said he couldn’t get his 2nd 17″ er and threw back 4 over 18″..Biggest weakfish was 25 1/4″ and caught in darkness…So looks like fish are hungry..NOW I don’t give SPOTS just general area so if in one of those areas you need to search around until you get a bite, Sometimes this time of year a spot 15-20 yards away with produce.   Early morning and sunset and little after produced the most fish….

SHOULD be a good bite all week and some lower temperaures once this front gets through



WELL , boys and girls the fish are here in South Jersey waiting to be caught…Water temps are still a little low BUT fish are hungry…..work your bait slow and give fish chance to taste the bait. Striped bass from 12″to 40″ being caught,Summer flounder bite is good, Black Drum in several areas, THE REAL GOOD NEWS is weakfish are being caught in good numbers and size… If you have been following me I told you for last 2 years that weakfish bite would be the best in 10 years in 2022 and it is happening now..Most guys catching are not telling spots and you can’t blame them as noise   turns weakfish off . Look for a hole in ICW coming off a shallow bay on outgoing tide, AND work early morning and evening tides for biggest and most bites.

I realize if you fished past few days you had to put up with wind BUT those who did fish caught fish.   So while the wind is a pain in the A@#  you can still catch fish

If you have any success ,let me know,NO SPOTS  jusy catch reports and general area


Wind has laid down a little

While we still have a NE wind it has laid down quite a bit and it is fish-able so get out there and get some filets. Water Temp still pretty low so work the shallows especially on bright sun.fluke will be where water is warmest and be hungry there BUT they won’t be aggressive like they would mi-summer .Go slow ,let fish get bait it it’s mouth before setting hook. Best tide will be outgoing on edges of shallow bays  GOOD LUCK ..IF you have some success let me know BUT no specific locations ,just general location


OK  FISHERMEN   HOW many of you limited out on summer flounder in past 3 days….I saw wall to wall boats in the numerous prime spots in Cape May County but didn’t see a lot of bent rods….. I know there are a few excellent fluke fishermen here that I would bet limited out ,let me know  how you did  NO SPOTS  AND if you had a bad day would love to hear from you and I  may be able to give you a “hint” as how to catch early season fluke.  WEATHER doesn’t look all that promising this weekend but once this storm passes the fluke will be hungry


WEAKFISH  are showing up in decent numbers and size… Shallow bays in Cape May County have weakfish spawning and once they drop their eggs they go on a heavy feeding.. Shallow bays that empty into ICW will produce especially on a dropping tide. Baits that resemble grass shrimp will out produce almost anything else BUT you need to work the bait slow and allow bait to drift in the tide falling out of a shallow bays like Townsend Sound, Ludlam Bay, Pecks Bay to name a couple… Also inlet jetties  in all the inlets south of AC and certain tides can be outstanding and  giving how deep AC inlet is it can be very productive…. Don’t be surprised to get hooked up with weakfish 14-24″ as they are here and spawning but won’t stay long..  They drop their eggs ,go on a heavy feeding and head offshore and north…Upcoming tides look excellent      let me know if successful, NO spots  just general info


SUMMER FLOUNDER WILL OPEN MAY 2 nd and stay open until Sept 22nd    SO get you boat ,tackle and reels ready because the largest fluke of the year will be caught early…. Small baits worked slow around shallow water flats or any place the warmest water is .Sunny days and outgoing tides will produce the most and the largest .  LET ME KNOW HOW YOU DO   NO spots just general idea and sizes   thanks


I expect a good week of fishing IF weather cooperates…Bass will be found in rivers BUT also in surf and inshore waters ,now don’t expect a lot of size as most caught will be in 16-24″ range  Fluke will should up and be hungry,you will find them on shallow flats especially on sunny days… Small baits will produce best ,grass shrimp, narrow strips of mackerel or any other fresh fish strips no longer than 3″  , Gulp shrimp will produce BUT you may have to experiment with colors to determine what color will produce and the color may change from morning to evening .  There will be a few weakfish caught if you can find a hole leading out of a shallow bay on outgoing tide…   Good Luck and if you have any success  please let me know ,I will NOT give away your locations        email  bucktail8@aol.com


Since 8am yesterday to 9am today Saturday Apr 2 in Cape May County I have seen the first fluke approx 18″ caught off rocks at Hereford along with ton of spiny sharks, short stripers at Jefferies landing and  Middle river…Also heard of 2 short bass caught off Sea Isle surf but did not see them .  Not many fishing but those who are have been getting fish

IT IS APRIL and FISH ARE HUNGRY   IF you have any success please let me know on this website ,no specific spots just general location

Bass in our South Jersey rivers

The bass are in our Rivers  in South Jersey in pretty good numbers and moving up the rivers to spawning areas. But this may not be the best week to catch them as weather is not looking all that promising at least until Thursday when we will see a warm up but with some potential rain. Friday looking ok and April looks to start out normal  except for lack of rain…….Spawning bass will appreciate a good few rainy days to sweeten the river water up before they drop their eggs as without enough fresh water once eggs drop successful hatching can be a problem



There are a lot of bass being caught in the Great Egg Harbor River ,mostly shorts but did see one 30″er..Most being caught on worms but those who know how to work a jig in cold water are having success…. They should be moving up stream in next week  following this wet weather  to spawn ….Also there are some spots producing decent size Perch…Next couple of days could see off and on rain and we need the rain down here in CMC