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I know most on Barn are good Fluke fishermen but here is a couple of tips regardless of your skill and knowledge I have obtained fishing 60 plus years in Cape May County

Summer Flounder have been in Cape May County inshore waters since early April. They come inside for one reason and that is to fatten up for their journey back off shore to Spawn
They will be found where you usually find warmest water and generally feeding on grass shrimp…Current water temps are still in mid-50’s and with water temps under 65 I will provide a couple of tips as to where to find them consistently in those water temps

Look for shallow bays emptying into the ICW or other deep channels. On Outgoing tides go up into the shallow bays and drift out into the deeper channel using as light a weight as possible to just touch the bottom NOT drag it through the mud. Fluke 95% of the time will come UP to take a bait. Try this in several spots until you find a fish ,once one is caught keep working the same area until bite stops than find another spot using same techniques. Every shallow bay emptying into deeper waters have little ditches of small channels leading out of the bay and those little differences on the bottom makes a difference where the fluke are

INCOMING tide is just the reverse and drift from edge of channel into shallow water .
ON VERY BOTTOM of the tide work the channel edges until tide starts moving back in good.
You will find the most consistent bite in cooler water in these areas, water coming off the shallow bays have small spots of little deeper water and the fluke will be laying there with mouths open
This method will work consistently for me until water temps in OCEAN get over 65 and than you need to work deeper water
Summer flounder will hold in inside waters for 7-10 weeks before heading back offshore and when that starts the most consistent bite is in waters near inlets as they will still be stuffing themselves as they leave . Inshore fluke migration usually will continue into late June with largest fluke arriving earliest and July and August there will be an influx of undersize fluke.
One final comment ,vary the bait and color being used until you find a color combination that works…Water clarity can change with a tide and a color that worked yesterday may not work today.
Good luck in 2020 and be safe


Summer Flounder season will open Friday May 22nd FOR RECREATIONAL FISHERMEN…For hire and Party boats still not allowed to open BUT stay tuned as there is a possibility our NJ Leftest Governor will make a decision to open in next day or 2….Fluke are coming in and those who know where to find them are finding legal size fluke and of course throwing them back until season opens…Upcoming week looks lousy for weather so doubt if there will be much pressure on them ,but as of today Friday’s opening day looks promising

Would love to hear of your success on the opening weekend

Good Luck


Summer flounder season is scheduled to open on May 22 HOWEVER that is up in the air at the moment and couple of options will be discuss at Marine Council meeting 5pm Thursday 5/14  Marine Council called a meeting last week of advisors of which I am a rep for ASMFC and below are 2 options discussed

ONE  option on table is to delay opening until  the for hire fleet can fish..This was pushed for by the For Hire Captains and North Jersey reps. BUT if that is the outcome the inshore recreational guy  from





south Jersey will get screwed BECAUSE biggest flounder of the the year on average are caught early in  South Jersey  and any delay in season will have serious impact on positive results for inshore fishermen…Largest fluke are arriving NOW and majority will stay inside  for 6-9 weeks before moving offshore and by July 95% of fluke in inshore waters are under 18″.. SO THIS IS not a good option in my opinion

Option #2  was open as planned and once the For Hire sector is open extend their season by whatever time they lost from opening date and close inshore as schedule

These were the 2 recommendations that came out of the Advisers meeting called for by Marine Council last week


There could be other options available that Marine Council could present after they  had a private  meeting.    I suspect they will have a plan to present  in this Thursdays meeting and it will go as they present with little effective impact from fishermen…I suspect the meeting will be on the Web so stay alert for announcements