IF you are interested in Summer flounder and flounder regulations you NEED to provide your input to    TITLED ” SCOPING MEETING COMMENTS”

IF you elect NOT to send in comments DON”T BITCH when regulations come out for 2021          Couple suggestions

#1   You need to comment on reducing size as under current regulations we are ONLY removing females and 40-50% of the shorts being thrown back DIE

#2 This suggestion is the best for improving the  Stock in my opinion.  Allow all fish to be kept up until the total inches like example of  60″  is met  .Example   1-18″ 3 -14″  =60 ” You now have a meal and very few go back dead and you can fish for another species    This would bring back the population quickly as under current regulations 95% over 18″ are females and in case you were not aware without the female population there will be no increase in population. !!!!!!!   Plus very high percentage being thrown back as shorts  will end up dead to feed the crabs.

This was suggested several years ago by a North Carolina fishermen and has been discussed but never seems to go anywhere,I have supported this for past 6 years. Interesting in this last meeting where both commercial and recreational was in attendance  this was brought up by a Commercial fisherman  when discussing the change in allocation  from 60% Comm.40% recreational to a 55% /45% split …. This is the only way to allow the stock to come back

    Comments need to be in BY MARCH 17TH   YOU CAN SEND COMMENTS TO                  with title SCOPING MEETING COMMENTS

IF you elect not to comment DON’T BITCH