STRIPED BASS are all over

Short Striped Bass   11-18″ are thick around inlets of Cape May County. I talked to one guy yesterday who said he caught over 50 with largest being only 19″.. I won’t mention the inlet but all inlets in Cape May County are holding bass that are moving around with the tides .They are HUNGRY because other than grass shrimp there is little bait….Small bucktails tipped with twister tails or blood worms seems to be the most productive method BUT you have to work  the bucktail slowly and if you feel a tap give it a second or 2 before setting hook. I would bet if you get behind the inlets in ICW you could find larger bass

Bluefish should show up any day IF they are going to arrive….DON”T FORGET that the genius’s  setting  regulations has dropped the bag limit from 15 to 3   no size limit

Summer flounder are arriving and will be found in our shallow bays  especially on outgoing tides and they will be the biggest of the year on average BUT REMEMBER once again thanks to the genius’s setting regulation you can’t keep any until Memorial Day weekend  … I did get 2 early this week 14″ and one just short of 20″ while fishing for bass