Under current organizations like ASMFC and Mid-Atlantic, fish stocks are not improving as witnessed by Summer Flounder and Striped Bass…Summer flounder stock grew every year after the 13″ size went in 1983  even as they increased the size UNTIL size was set 17 1/2″ when population held steady and since 18″ the stock has gone DOWN. WHY because ONLY females were being removed and a very high population being thrown back ended up dead and  feeding crab population which  grew .  Striped bass similar picture,prime spawning size is 28-38″ and that is the fish being removed . ALSO if you are lucky enough to catch  a  potential record striped bass which would be over 50″ you will have to throw it back  ,,Bluefish population is cyclical in 5-7 year cycles ,in addition the bluefish target set by Mid-Atlantic HAS NEVER BEEN MET OR EVEN COME CLOSE…WHEN in  the years  Bluefish are not in our areas  they are well offshore  or in the Mediterranean Sea and European waters and this has been going on for 100 years BUT Mid-Atlantic PHD’s dont want to recognize it..

   Fishermen NEED to be contacting Congressmen and tell them of your unhappiness with the current regulations and those organizations setting regulations. Tell them there NEEDS TO BE more fishermen on these councils and LESS PHD’s who are never on the water  and develop software programs to support their decisions rather than recognize the fish patterns

.UNLESS recreational fishermen start making their unhappiness known with what is going on in recreational  fishing  we will continue to see tighter regulations and less and less fish for the recreational fishing industry. This will result in not only less people fishing but an entire industry that supplies States with huge amount of tax dollars to disappear .Recreational Fishermen need to get off their A@# and make some noise….There was a huge turnout in NJ Marine Fishing Council meeting this past week BUT the Marine Council’s hands were tied as a result of the requirements set down by /ASMFC and Mid-Atlantic Council