MARINE COUNCIL meeting 1/9/2020 and fishing comments

I attended the Marine Council meeting HOWEVER they did not have a qualm SO no decisions could be made . Next meeting is March 4th and too late for Striped bass so there was talk about a Special meeting in late Feb to cover Striped Bass,Fluke ,and Scup but no decision,once I hear of one I will post.

There was some discussion on a committee that was formed to review pros and cons of wind mills. It is well represented with representatives from all fishing areas and business people involved with saltwater fishing along with Coast Guard and is led by State People. Personally I have little confidence anything positive  will come out of this given the Governor’s strong push to get wind mills started with first site in South Jersey waters. However the State still does not have Federal Approval in spite of communications from State indicating everything is moving along smoothly… The absolute worse thing that could happen to South Jersey fishing is wind mills couple the  Wind Mills with ongoing beach replenishment and you have a disaster in South Jersey fishing inshore, surf AND offshore. . The wind mill people like to tell you there will be fishing allowed near the wind mils like oil wells BUT that is a flat out lie based on information from Europe where there are numerous wind mills…You are not allowed to get anywhere near the wind mills over there to fish AND unlike oil wells there will always be strong electrical currents anywhere there is a cable leading from the wind mill.. In my humble opinion Wind Mills will be the end of saltwater fishing in South Jersey  ,you can decide yourself if you do a little research yourself . They like to talk about wind mills off Rhode Island areas BUT they are 1/4 the size of the wind mills proposed for South Jersey AND they are   drilled into rock floors. 10-12 miles off South Jersey I do not believe you will find a rock base which in my mind means these things will fail in strong storms like nor’easters and hurricanes..                                 More bad news on saltwater fishing front is proposed 3 fish limit on bluefish for the recreational fishermen followed by the ongoing 18″ size on fluke which are all females,the stock will not grow back to past numbers by only removing females. Similar problem with Striped bass where the base line regulation is 1 fish 28-35″  all prime spawners. On a positive note there may be some relief in Sea Bass with few more days given the stock is 23o% above target ,no guarantee but a chance                                                                                                                SO if you are a saltwater fisherman you may want to look for another hobby as the current regulators are focused on eliminating salt water recreational fishing… Regulators fail to recognize that fish manage themselves and when the population of a species gets to large they reduce the spawning efforts which is why you see ups and downs in populations from year to year. In NJ this year it is the year of the White Perch and GUESS WHAT. White Perch in saltwater are not regulated YET by the Federal agencies    My fingers are sore fro typing so I will close for now     HAPPY NEW YEAR