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Year end fishing

I hope those who have followed this have had a good year, I have not had a line in water since mid-August due to numerous problems and worse being a torn Achilles but slowly recovering and hope to be back on water in 2019
I hope to sell my pet 19ft mako over the winter and invest in a smaller boat that an old man can handle
Regulations for 2019 are being worked and if you have time you need to make your politicians know your unhappiness with current regulations and how they are determined AND if possible make your views known to ASMFC and /Mid-Atlantic Councils…..There is a chance we may get a few more days in 2019 BUT problem will continue to be the removal of only females if size stays at 18″
My data indicates under current regulations with 18″ we are only removing females AND my data indicates as much as 30% being thrown back that die…American Littoral Society is reporting a 60% death on throw backs ,bottom line we are throwing more back dead than we are keeping. You won’t find fluke floating on surface as they will go right to bottom when thrown back and become crab food
Striped Bass survey is supposed to be made public in late Dec and I am not guessing what that will say.New Jersey has been blessed with a growing number on home grown bass but /states to our north have not done as well
Sea Bass, the best you can hope for is rules stay the same but there is a risk we could see a reduction given some numbers I have seen from Fed’s surveys
So bottom line, Fishermen need to get involved and make sure their politicians know their feelings as well as ASMFC and MI-Atlantic /council
As I hear rumors and actions by regulators I will post
BILL (bucktail willie) Shillingford