Fishing Report 8/29

Not a good day, left dock around 5am with live Spot looking for bass BUT found water temp at cock at 83 and as I got to my anticipated location water temp was 80. Small Bluefish destroying the Live Spot. Decided to go to inlet looking for cooler water but best I could find was 78. I did something I rarely do and that was shit off engine as it was a perfect drift bit no fish. Went to start engine and NOTHING happen,completely silent. Fooled around with what few tools I had but could find nothing . Called my marina ans they came out and pulled me in. I got some more tools ans started looking. Found a broken ground wire but could not locate other end.. Hotter than hell so called it a day and will return in morning to continue with more tools.. Hopefully I didn’t blow any fuses while looking ….So bottom line fish win and probably couldn t happen at a better time with this 80 degree water