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LEFT DOCK this morning with THE RETAINER ON Board . We started out looking for bass with tide in little over 2 hours…Tried several normal spots and never had a bite.. Switched to Fluke and once again after hitting several spots we had nothing. Made another move closer to my dock and finally found a short. Worked that area and came up with 2 more, one over 18″…. Moved little closer to my dock and found one more 17″er and called it a morning around 9am….Water temp was varying from 68 to 73 depending where I was .I suspect the bottom was colder . Did see one little school of bait fish but nothing like we should be seeing this time of the year in this area…Continues to be a very strange year.

fishing report 6/27 or lack of

Left dock at 445am looking for bass in a stiff 15-25mph SE wind UGLY MORNING …. Fished for 2 hours and never had a touch in this nasty wind so called it an early morning and back at dock by 645 NEVER saw a mark on my machine

fishing report 6/26

Beautiful morning and dead calm.Went looking for bass and found a total of 6 ,all shorts between 19-21″ ,also got one 26″ Bluefish. 3 bass on poppers and 3 trolling. Switched to fluke and could only find 6 shorts .Wind now coming up which is normal when it is dead calm in morning you can bet the wind is building . Called it a morning and back at dock at 9:30


yESTERDAY WITH PAT on board we left dock around 530 looking for bass and found none but did get one 24″ Bluefish.Switched to Fluke and could only find 4 with one keeper of 181/4″
Today I left in a fog which got worse as I went out and I never did get to where I wanted to go but did get one short bass ,where I was I have no idea but it was in 3ft of water…Made my way back to Strathmere bay with help of outgoing tide and found an Army flotilla there so called it morning. As I got back to dock the fog lifted
Probably won’t fish tomorrow un;ess later in day and clearly won’t be out on Tuesday as I expect to be attending a fluke advisers meeting in Baltimore

fishing report 6/21

First day of summer ,left dock at 5am looking for bass and found 2 -24er’s plus one 27″ Bluefish . Switched to Fluke but could only find one of 17″ Lot of grass in the water…..2 bass trolling pinking bucktail and Blue was on a popper,, Not much bait in water and fluke probably have moved out as a result. There may be one more influx of fluke but I wouldn’t bet on it given lack of bait ..Offshore bite should be getting better


LEFT dock at 515 with 2 hours left on outgoing looking for bass ,never had a touch nor did I see any bait. Switched to fluke and once again never had a touch. Tide dropped out and I was back at dock at 8:15 NEVER have I had June like this,maybe I am losing my touch and need to take up knitting


Left dock in a heavy fog this morning looking for a bass and found none but really couldn’t get to a prime spot due to fog.Switched to fluke and it was like the Dead Sea as I could not get a bite. started home and made one stop and FINALLY found a short fluke that wanted to commit suicide .Worked that spot for 4 more drifts and never had another touch. Water temp 62 but there was a lot of grass in water
Disgusted I called it a Day
I didn’t fish the weekend so I guess the weekend warriors caught all the fish


Pulled out of dock at 5:15 looking for bass but could only get one on the hook ,3 misses on the popper and just one to the boat of 19″ Suspect the others were smaller. Switched to fluke and got total of 6 with 2 legal fish of 19 and 21″.. Stiff NW wind make life difficult especially after tide turned out Color of the Day was white

Fishing Report 6/13

lousy morning, went to dock and it was raining ,got another cup of coffee and waited. Finally decided I would not melt in rain and went out BUT it was like the dead sea . Fished last hour in and first hour out and could only find 2 short fluke. Disgusted and quit for the day


AS I got to the dock this morning at 515,the General was coming in and he had a 29″ bass plus he caught 2 shorts all before light. I was excited thinking I could find a bass on this tide but after 100 plus cast and trolling for over an hour never had a touch. Switch to fluke but not all that optimistic given all the rain past 24 hours and dirty water… Well I did find one 20″er in 3ft of water otherwise nothing. Kept looking but nothing. Headed home but made one stop when I saw a couple of birds just sitting in a nice hole. Drifted over the hole and picked up a 22″er. But that was the end of my Day as I had an appointment with Grandson for ZOO. Went home and off to the Zoo
Guess I should not complain,nice morning