Today was one of those days I should have stayed in bed. Got to dock at 4:30 it was pouring rain. Waited 30 minutes an it let up so out I went…Sea Gull choir was off tune probably result of rain.Got to my first spot and the skies opened up again for 10 minutes . I am now soaked and water temp was 56 ,NOT GOOD… No bites so went searching for some warmer water and best I could find on top of the tide was 57 and lo and behold the skies opened up again and still no fish. . Tide started out and water temp began to rise on surface but clearly it must have been cold on the bottom. Finally landed one short fluke but now the wind is picking up pushing the tide. Made 2 more drifts and called a morning. Some days the Fish WIN and clearly they won today.. I suspect if I had waited for the tide to drop out more there would have been a good bite but I quit . Tomorrow is another day I I think I will change my area and maybe try for a bass also,boat traffic should be down after today