Fishing Report 5/25

Opening day for summer flounder and it was a nightmare, doesn’t anybody work or go to school on Fridays anymore ???? I left dock at 4:45 and headed to Ludlam only to find 10 boats there already and by 7am you could walk from boat to boat. 7:30 I left that area after counting over 87 boats packed together . I got away from traffic hitting a few favorite spots but all I could find anywhere were shorts.I suspect the boat traffic scared the hell out of decent size fish though I did hear of a few legal size caught but not me.. I may try it in morning as weather forecast for Sunday and Monday looks ugly but I won’t stay very long and fight the traffic. Courtesy on the water is a missing art and most of the villains had out of State registration and probably have never taken the Safety Course required in NJ. But it is what it is and Tuesday will get here soon enough Total for the day was 19 short fluke