Fluke season opens tomorrow thanks to useless NJ elected officials in New Jersey as all surrounding States have been open for 2 weeks and Delaware since Jan 1 .But it is what it is and season will open tomorrow in NJ
Today I left dock at daybreak ,tide out one hour and found fluke on 3rd s ,5th and 7th stop and ended up with 17 Fluke and 1 Bluefish. 4 would be legal tomorrow with largest one 21″. Once again they are not all that aggressive so if using a bucktail give them an extra second or 2 before setting the hook.
Only saw 5 boats today but I suspect tomorrow you will be able to jump from boat to boat and on Sat you could walk from boat to boat. Once the boat traffic starts and the hot rods throwing huge wakes arrive I would suggest you look for quieter water as other than shorts it will be tough to a legal fish in the traffic….. The fluke are getting spread out so there is no need to fish in crowd… Watch your fishfinder and when you see bait fish that area you will find fish . Water washing off a sand bar will produce. Some of these fish are in 4 ft of water . Don’t get stuck using one color as of you see bait on your machine but no bites change the color. Today I started with pink but last stop all they wanted was white or green.
AS I indicated yesterday if you need some good bait check out Blvd Bait and Tackle in Ocean view on Sea Isle Blvd