Beautiful morning,little fog but ok,.Left dock with Fluke on my mind and looking for some areas where there won’t be a crowd on opening day…. I hit a half dozen different spots and ended up with 11 fluke and 3 over 18 up to 22″.
Opening Day on Friday will be a nightmare and worse on Sat but fluke are here and they are on the move as the water is slowing warming and they don’t need the warm spots as much
If interested in finding best bait stop in and,check out BLVD Bait and Tackle in Ocean View on Sea Isle Blvd.. He has some great baits that this year’s fluke are jumping on .
One piece of advice if using bucktails ,give the fish a chance to get the bait as they are picking it up but unlike when water is much warmer they aren’t grapping it right away,extra second or 2 after feeling a bite will get you better results in this cooler water