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Fluke season opens tomorrow thanks to useless NJ elected officials in New Jersey as all surrounding States have been open for 2 weeks and Delaware since Jan 1 .But it is what it is and season will open tomorrow in NJ
Today I left dock at daybreak ,tide out one hour and found fluke on 3rd s ,5th and 7th stop and ended up with 17 Fluke and 1 Bluefish. 4 would be legal tomorrow with largest one 21″. Once again they are not all that aggressive so if using a bucktail give them an extra second or 2 before setting the hook.
Only saw 5 boats today but I suspect tomorrow you will be able to jump from boat to boat and on Sat you could walk from boat to boat. Once the boat traffic starts and the hot rods throwing huge wakes arrive I would suggest you look for quieter water as other than shorts it will be tough to a legal fish in the traffic….. The fluke are getting spread out so there is no need to fish in crowd… Watch your fishfinder and when you see bait fish that area you will find fish . Water washing off a sand bar will produce. Some of these fish are in 4 ft of water . Don’t get stuck using one color as of you see bait on your machine but no bites change the color. Today I started with pink but last stop all they wanted was white or green.
AS I indicated yesterday if you need some good bait check out Blvd Bait and Tackle in Ocean view on Sea Isle Blvd


Beautiful morning,little fog but ok,.Left dock with Fluke on my mind and looking for some areas where there won’t be a crowd on opening day…. I hit a half dozen different spots and ended up with 11 fluke and 3 over 18 up to 22″.
Opening Day on Friday will be a nightmare and worse on Sat but fluke are here and they are on the move as the water is slowing warming and they don’t need the warm spots as much
If interested in finding best bait stop in and,check out BLVD Bait and Tackle in Ocean View on Sea Isle Blvd.. He has some great baits that this year’s fluke are jumping on .
One piece of advice if using bucktails ,give the fish a chance to get the bait as they are picking it up but unlike when water is much warmer they aren’t grapping it right away,extra second or 2 after feeling a bite will get you better results in this cooler water


Pretty nice morning at daybreak and once again went looking for a bass and once again nothing and switched to fluke on last 2 hours of outgoing . Found 14 with 4 over legal limit up to 20″. When Tide dropped out and started in the bite ended. Tried again for a bass on start of incoming and found one Bluefish .Called it a morning
Rain seems to be holding off BUT hope it doesn’t hold off too long and screw up tomorrow morning


I wasn’t expecting much this morning after 4 days of hard rain but left dock with 2 hours left on outgoing looking for a bass first but once again found none. Light wind on last of outgoing and worked my favorite area but finding nothing I left and headed north hitting some fluke spots and some bass spots. But nothing seeing nothing and getting nothing. So headed back to another fluke area as tide started in and began to find a few shorts nothing over 17 1/2 but also got 3 angry Bluefish 17-19″ . As tide started in the wind started building . With stiff wind pushing the incoming tide I could not get a drift slower than 3 MPH .Staying in the channel with this stiff wind made life uncomfortable so called it a day….. 5 fluke and 3 Blues which I guess is more than I really expected
Weather man is saying it will be a wet morning tomorrow ,hopefully he is wrong

Another Day of no fishing

Went to dock this morning ,in pouring rain and said “hello” to boat ,checked the bilge pump and left in a pouring rain… It may be time to build an ARK and gathered up the land animals . My rain gauge had over 4″ in it last night and it is still raining today… At one point yesterday I thought about throwing out a bait in my back yard as it was covered with deep water . I always believed April was the month of rain it seems the calendar has gotten confused .
Given I have some other commitments the next 2 days I probably won’t get out until Monday and given all this freshwater I would not be surprised to see some freshwater fish being caught over the weekend


You would think in my old age I would get smarter. I left dock this morning with no wind and a steady drizzle .I had over 2 hours of incoming and went looking for bass but no bass. Switched to fluke and could only get a hook into one and it was small .Fluke seem to be gripping the tail of my bait but would not take it . Little harder drizzle and picked up first Bluefish of the year… Decided to try some new spots but could not find another fish so headed home. As I pulled into my dock the drizzle stop and it got much lighter as sun while not coming through was trying a little .
Looks like the weather will be like this the next several days with off and on rain Beats working


WIND WIND WIND ,another windy morning ,was not too bad with incoming tide but once tide turned it was over… Fluke bite was slow on top of the tide as I could only get a hook into 3 of them and they were not very big,largest was 17 1/2 . I did try for bass but not seeing anything that didn’t last long and switched to fluke
Weather next 3-5 days looks ugly with rain everyday. I can deal with the rain but wind drives me crazy . Can’t do much about it but this has sure been a wet Spring,


ANOTHER foggy and wet morning.Went looking for bass and wasted 2 hours looking on last on incoming tide and never had a touch.Apparently they have left for the surf line as surfers are catching bass. Switched to Fluke and found a slow bite again,bait would get picked up but getting hook in them was tough. Managed to get a hook into 7 including 2 over 18 up to 23″…Very little tide once it started out as what little wind there was just seemed to be holding it back . Don’t think many others were catching as when I showed up on fluke grounds there were 9 boats and within an hour I was only one there and it felt lonely .
Looks like tomorrow may be pretty nice BUT following 3 days look ugly for balance of the week ,we shall see

Fishing Report 5/11

This morning I was determined to find a bass and headed north and hit all my usual spots and never had a touch . Decided it was a fluke day again BUT stop in a “honey” hole I knew to the north and picked up 3 short fluke . Decided I should run south before weather man’s wind kicked up so ran south.
Tide was slow and bite was slow but managed to get 11 fluke with 2 over the 18″ limit before wind starting building and I called it a day. The bite is very light if you feel something pick up the bait quickly drop back and give fish chance at bait. Water temp on surface was 61 but on bottom it was 55
I won’t get an early start tomorrow ut hopefully will get a couple of hours in , weather map looks ugly in the midwest


Left dock this morning in a thick fog and damp cold along with a SE wind .,a miserable morning for sure..Looked for bass but I at the moment am snake bite on bass and found none. Switched to fluke and managed to get a hook in 9 fluke with 4 at 19″ ….Miserable morning and when I couldn’t take in any more in my old age I headed back to the barn and called it a day