This will wrap up 2017 for Bucktail Willie.
BLUEFISH—BLUES showed up mid APRIL and they were big,lean ,and hungry. Average size in APRIL was over 33″ with largest of 2 at 40″ . These fish managed to bust one rod and strip the gears on one spin reel. .First 2 weeks of MAY saw similar action with slightly smaller size as average size in all of MAY was 26″ bt first 2 weeks had largest fish. JUNE they started to disappear unlike last few years and basically for the balance of the year only a few were caught and Fall run was almost non-existent.
WEAKFISH—another year of poor weakfishing, I found one in April which was biggest of the year at 26″ and the rest of the year a total of 3 others with nothing over 16″
SEA BASS–SEA BASS showed up mid-August and took over any bait fishing as they chewed on everything right into early Nov . I tagged my normal 120 plus but for most part tried to stayed away from them. I did get a few that choked on a large lures trolled for bass. The ,,overall size was small with only one that would have been over the legal limit and it was out of season. From fishermen I talked to this was the same up and down the coast and clearly isn’t being recognized by regulators because they are not loosening the regulations . They also are ignoring the fact that these fish and chewing on summer flounder fry moving in from off shore spawning grounds
SPOTS ,there was a short run on SPOT this year and they were the prime size for Striper bait but the run didn’t last long in my area. But enough to keep me happy .
MISC,,, Several large Ray’s caught, ,7 Kingfish and one Starglazer ,and blowfish
2017 was not one of my best years with less than stellar fishing and engine problems
I probably will be later getting in this year due to Grand children business AND current 19ft Mako is for sale and on the national market. IF it sells I will look for a smaller boat ,IF NOT it will go back in mid to late April