2017 Striped Bass recap of Bucktail Willie

2017 was my worse year for striped bass in over 15 years
Started out decent in APRIL with 26 bass caught between 20-31″ MAY was ok for first 10 days with another 29 bass but second half of month only produced 9 and nothing over 26″ . JUNE started out slow with only 8 bass, second half of the month found 27 with 7 over 28″ up to 35″.. JULY for fist 10 days is generally very good with largest bass of the year on average and was saw 17 bass over 25″ to 30″ what makes early July decent is very few are fishing for BASS. BUT I ran into engine trouble and didn’t get back into water until mid-August. No bass when when I got back in until late SEPT when I got 7 the last week of Sept. OCT was slow with only 5 until Oct 22nd and the next 5 days found 11 more. NOV was a real disappointment as all I could find up to when big storm arrived was 13 and they were not very big 17-23″.Pulled Boat before storm and stayed out of water which was a mistake as reports of decent catches following the storm.
I did get hooked up with Pat on RETAINER for 2 days fishing Great Egg Harbor river ,first day was decent with 16 bass but no big ones like last year only one over 28 and Pat caught it .Second trip was not so good with just one bass
Clearly in my mind the bass situation behind Corsons has been affected by beach replenishment and loss of good healthy underwater habitat again due to beach sand getting pushed inside . Numerous spots that produced bass for years I never caught a bass and I had to find them in other spots. The Mullet run was non-existent and peanut bunker while were around but nothing like years past.
A very disappointing year for me ,I am sure some others had better years and maybe I am slowing up in my old age but it is what it is
I put my boat up for sale with intend on buying something smaller as most of the small creeks I like to go up have the mouths choked up from sand, but once in these creeks there still is plenty of water and some fish were there BUT my current boat is too big and I can only fish these creeks on top of tides for an hour or so unlike years past when you could fish 2-4 hours
I will finish up 2017 recaps on Bluefish,weakfish etc later