I got an invite from Grasshopper to fish on his Retainer but I was doing Shep’s radio show and couldn’t meet him until 9am.He said OK so I met him and off we went into the river.Beautiful morning ,flat calm,only problem was it was outgoing tide
We hit all the normal spots ,saw a few fish but no bites,finally I got a hit and had it on half way in before she dropped off. Tried a few more spots and finally I got into one that played with my eel 3 or 4 times before I got a hook into her and she turned out to be a fat 26″ bass. Tried for another 45 minutes BUT found nothing
Water temp 48 on outgoing and I suspect outgoing was cooler than incoming as ocean was reported at 50 and better bite would be on an incoming. This time of year couple degrees can make a big difference.
But it was a nice morning on the water with good company in December who can complain ??