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Took a ride over to barrier islands to look for Eagles ,found none BUT the marsh was frozen and several creeks frozen over ,Jenkins Sound was frozen as far out as I could see,actually saw no open water, Went on up to Corson area and could see Ludlam was froze over out to main channel. At Rush Chatin there was sizable chunks of ice flowing out on bottom of the tide .. I haven’t seen ice this early in several moons I guess the Global Warming nuts are now looking for more bulls#$% to put out so they can get more of our Tax Dollars . I can’t wait to hear the latest bullS$%^


TO all who have been following me I want to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope Santa is good to you
I will recap my year as difficult as it was right after first of the year
MERRY CHRISTMAS from Bucktail Willie


I got an invite from Grasshopper to fish on his Retainer but I was doing Shep’s radio show and couldn’t meet him until 9am.He said OK so I met him and off we went into the river.Beautiful morning ,flat calm,only problem was it was outgoing tide
We hit all the normal spots ,saw a few fish but no bites,finally I got a hit and had it on half way in before she dropped off. Tried a few more spots and finally I got into one that played with my eel 3 or 4 times before I got a hook into her and she turned out to be a fat 26″ bass. Tried for another 45 minutes BUT found nothing
Water temp 48 on outgoing and I suspect outgoing was cooler than incoming as ocean was reported at 50 and better bite would be on an incoming. This time of year couple degrees can make a big difference.
But it was a nice morning on the water with good company in December who can complain ??