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Got an invite from Pat Martin to fish on his RETAINER. We fished the Great Egg Harbor River and found BASS. Only one over 28″ but a total 8 with 7 tagged and release all 22-26″ Also lost 3 others at the boat. Pat out fished me 5-3 .All fish caught on eels. Water temp was 47 and bite was not all that aggressive and they played with the bait before you could get a hook in them.
Great Day on the water and Pat knows these waters extremely well and is a great Captain
Thank you Pat


WELL, season is finished for and my boat. I went out this morning and it was a little cool and more NE wind than I would like but headed north on start of outgoing tide starting at 312 slow trolling with an eel.NEVER had a touch. Ted was in front of me on other side and had 2 shorts and called me over but I got nothing. I headed further north and finally picked up a 24″ rat on a bucktail but than again nothing.
Decided to head to Flat cr with tide out 2 hours and saw nothing and caught nothing. Another boat in creek also had nothing
Disgusted I headed to the barn
At dock begin removing what I dont need from boat in anticipation of pulling out and calling it a season tomorrow .
Water temps on top of tide this morning 52 , 2 hours out water temp dropped to 47. Also saw no serious bait even at my dock where there has been bait all year there was nothing.
Have reports of fish in ocean north of AC inlet but like last year I suspect these fish will boogy south on dropping water temps and probably stay outside 3 mile limit for most part given the water temps .
If you are still in the water best advice is to hit off shore lumps and hop for the best


Another day and no bass. Never marked a bass.Tried the last couple of hours of outgoing when it was flat out COLD. Tide dropped out I came back to dock and waited for incoming .Once in an hour I headed back out and gave it another 2 hours and NO BASS. Did picked up a 20″ fluke on a Spot but no bass
Season is over for me ,I may try in morning but than plan to pull out and call it a season
Sometime in Dec I will recapped my year which I am not all that proud of as it has been a difficult year to say the least .
Water temp was 46 on bottom of the tide but came in a little warmer and when I quit it was up to 51 .
Given these colder water temps inside I suspect any bass migrating will go right down the beach
I suspect the rivers (Tuckahoe,Great Egg and Mullica) are filling up with bass that will winter over given these water temps.
My plan is now to get boat out ,clean it up and put her up for sale as I need a smaller boat.This boat is too big for this old man . If you are interesting in a 19 ft Mako with a full T-Top, rebuilt ETEC 115 that has been attracted to fish over the years let me know

fishing report 11/12

Not a productive morning,no wind ,little cool and no fish. Caught last hour of outgoing and couple hours of incoming and never had a touch. Water temp 46-48 serious drop past couple of days… Given the water temp drop it could be the end of bass inside as I suspect anything coming down the beach will stay in ocean
I’ll give it a couple more days and probably call it a year


I am not in a very good mood,best to stay away. I pulled out of dock at 6am with tide just starting in and fished for 6 hours all the way up to top of the tide and NEVER HAD A TOUCH on a Spot,Eel or a bucktail. Never saw any bait . Pretty nice morning but guess the bass know there is some lousy cold weather coming went into hiding
Next 3 days looks windy and cold maybe even real cold but looks like a little warm up next week.
In any event I not in the best of moods at the moment


After 4 days of babysitting I went out this morning in a stiff NE wind pushing tide in looking for bass. Tough morning ,hit all my normal spots and could only find one 26″ bass. May have missed one other as I had a hit and lost a Spot .
Tide well over the banks and meadows flooded and I was not going to be there for the outgoing tide against the wind so headed home with just one bass . I’m a little too old to fight the wind
Looks like this will be a tough and cold week with wind and rain next couple of days


A beautiful morning but today was not my day,pulled out of dock at 5:30am and NEVER had a touch . I dragged an eel and a live Spot and never saw a fish. Couple other guys had fish but not me…. My disposition will not be very friendly today so best to stay away from me .. I will not be back out on water until Tues as I have baby sitting duty


Little cool with a stiff SE wind making effective trolling difficult. I managed to get 4 bass 29, 28,26 and 22..fished to bottom of the tide and nothing the last 2 hours of outgoing