Left dock this morning around 5:30 and wonder out in the dark thinking I may find a bass BUT when I looked at water temp it was 75 and tide had just started out ,no good but worked my area for an hour with nothing to show for it. Fired up the engine and headed to the fluke grounds. Dead calm and after 4 drifts I never had a bite. Now I was sure there were fluke here as there was a lot of bait so stayed with it in same area. Fluke woke up and over next 1 1/2 hours I picked up 17 fluke with 3 over 18″
Lesson here is IF YOU ARE SEEING BAIT and no bites stayed with it ,maybe changed color ,or change the your drift slightly and the bite should start . If bait is there fish are usually near by
Weather doesn’t look real promising next few days.maybe I can get tomorrow morning in ????