Fishing Report 9/11

Today is a solemn day in my fishing history. 9/11 2001 I had an AM radio on board for first time and while fishing Corsons Inlet that morning it was tuned to WOND when the news started . I was catching fluke and kingfish but stopped in shock. For past 16 years I have gone back to same spot every 9/11 same time and remembered that horrible day with a few minutes of silence as I sat idle in water . Today it was bright and sunny just like that horrible day.. The bad news is that very spot today no longer holds fish due to beach replenishment sand getting pushed inside the inlet choking what use to be prime fishing area
I wasn’t in the best of moods as I left area looking for a bass but all I found was a few Bluefish 14-19″ Decided to call it a morning but made one stop for Spot and only found Sea bass’
Tomorrow will be a better day