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Early Press Release, this is a key meeting for recreational fishermen

This is a heads up for an upcoming meeting with Politicians on South Jersey Fishing, meeting will be open to public SAVE THE DATE

Strathmere, NJ 08248

Strathmere Fishing & Environmental Club – 2017 State of the Fisheries
Saturday October 14th, 2017 – 4 PM @ Strathmere Firehouse

The Strathmere Fishing and Environmental Club (SFEC) is hosting the 2017 New Jersey State of the Fisheries Meeting. This community event will focus on NJ Fishing Regulations, fishing seasons, and how these regulations are generated. We will have an expert panel of Federal and State elected officials, representatives from the NJ DEP, the NJ Marine Fisheries Council, the Recreational Fishing Alliance, as well as others who have a broad understanding of NJ Fisheries issues. Other topics will include NJ Beach Replenishment and Inlet Navigation issues.

This community event will be held on Saturday
October 14, 4 PM at the Strathmere Firehouse on Commonwealth Avenue, Strathmere, NJ. This meeting is open to the public. There will also be a question and answer session for those in attendance.

The Strathmere Fishing & Environmental Club has a membership of almost 200 people who have a common interest in fishing, boating, as well as various coastal environmental and conservation issues. The SFEC sponsors many community events including fishing tournaments, beach clean-ups, turtle rescues/releases, and the sponsoring off-shore artificial reefs. Our organization is based in Strathmere, Cape May County, New Jersey.
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Not much to report due to entertaining Grand kids
There are some perfect size Spot around for future striped bass
Best method is a sabiki rig with real small hooks and small pieces of bait
You can keep them in a ROUND bucket for weeks on end
You normally will find Spot away from sea bass so if you are catching small sea bass move a little and once you find one Spot stay in that area

8/22 fishing report

Some days you get the fish and some days the fish get you. Today the fish won. Looked for a bass with a live Spot and nothing,switched to fluke in the honey hole I found they yesterday and nothing. Pretty stiff South wind blowing and never do very good on south wind against the tide. Made a stop for Spot and even that bite was slow but did manage to get 4 before calling it a morning
May not get out again for couple of days as grand kids are slowing up


Beautiful morning as I pulled out of dock around 5:30 with bass on my mind and some perfect size Spot in my box . Best laid plans sometimes fail and with water temp pushing 77 I never found a bass
Switched to fluke and found them in a strange place but managed to get total of 8 with another one decent fluke little over 5lbs.Once tide started out the bite quit and little sea bass took over so I headed home
So there still are some decent size fluke inside but you have to work for them


LEFT dock this morning around 5:15am hoping to avoid the crowds and went looking for Bass but found none HOWEVER while looking for Bass with an eel I got into a decent fluke that wieghed in a 6lb 3oz . .Not finding any bass I decided to look for a weakfish so took a short ride . Made several stops in spots I have caught weakfish this time of the year before but found nothing ,made one more move before I was going to leave to catch some Spot . Lo and Behold I see a couple of good marks on my screen and bang ,down goes my rod and in comes a 19″ weakfish. Made a couple more passes but nothing and traffic was picking up so decided to find some Spot. Bite was slow but managed to get 8 along with some smaller perch and called it a morning

Fishing report 8/19

I did the Mike Sheppard radio show this morning and following it I headed to my dock with Spot on my mind
The Spot were there but tough to get on a hook BUT I did end up with 15 for my box and future bass bites. In addition the pesky little sea bass were all over but not where the Spot were.Once I started picking up sea bass I moved back to Spot hole. Also a few small ocean perch that will be good striper bait if they stay alive
Water temp was 79


South wind blowing fairly good this morning ,my plan was to find Spot. after 2 hours of looking I had 3 Spot (right size) 54 small sea bass, 2-9″ fluke,3 sea robins, 3 porgies and 1 Bluefish.
Obviously I wasn’t happy with lack of Spots
but it is what it is
I had a water temp of 79


I had a couple of hours to fish this morning so left dock in dark around 5 looking for a bass, nothing, switched looking for Spot and found ONE. Decided to put the Spot to work but not a touch. Ended my short trip looking for Spot and only found sea bass and one Blue
Back at dock at 730 Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little more time to search


Left dock this morning about 30 minutes before sunrise trying to get back into a groove looking for bass BUT found none that wanted my bait’
Had to be off water by 8:30 to take my wife to doctor so tried for Spots before docking hitting all my normal spots and all I could find were short sea bass
Water temp 76 ,no wind
Will be trying again in morning on same schedule


Well, with any luck I will be picking up my boat and re-launching her tomorrow. It has been a long dry spell
Plan for next couple of weeks will be to look for bass in wee hours of morning and than look for Spot to fill my live bait box for the Fall bass run.
So my drought is over ,stay tuned I will once again be reporting after every trip good ,bad or indifferent