UPDATE on few items

Still not fishing as I finally came to agreement with Evinrude and they came up with a reasonable cost of repair on my engine and they will send a replacement head and fuel injectors finally for a reasonable price that included labor.Problem is I will be down at least another 2 weeks given the Holidiay

Spent all day Wed in ASMFC advisory panel meeting with Bob Menenbrez where we along with recreational and Commercial reps from all East States from RI to NC. There is a lot of frustration and it was voiced on both sides AND we gave some excellent suggestions for Board to consider. All the suggestions will be given to Council to be reviewed before next meeting on July 28th of all Council members from both groups… 2018 regulation groundwork will begin for summer flounder,sea bass, and scup . NJ FISHERMEN need to be vocal with their politicians both Federal and State to make sure they stay involved AND don’t let NY/Conn overrun us. 2017 NJ is in a region of their own BUT not yet approved for 2018 and we MUST remain in our own region.
One excellent idea thrown out was splitting the State as clearly there are 2 different seasons for Fluke in NJ BUT this will take an effort to get NJ to agree to anything like that.
The other most mention thought was the implementation of slot fluke something under the 18″ size . Now even the Council’s reports are recognizing males are dying off by 17 1/2 and gone by 18″ BUT it will take more involvement of fishermen to get any action on this as the Scientific Council has yet to act on this.
NEXT NJ Marine Council meeting is July 13th at 4pm and I am sure Sea Bass and Fluke will be on the agenda and they need to hear from us