Comment back to Stripers Forever

Don’t know if any of you are members of Stripers Forever but I have been since it replaced Stripers Unlimited several years ago
They put an members article out commenting on Summer Flounder and it kind of got my blood pressure up as I think they need to stick to Striped Bass
But below is my comment back to them

Sent: 7/26/2017 12:04:06 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Newsletter- July 2017

As an NJ advisor on Fluke to ASMFC I would ask you to do a little more research into the make up of ASMFC Technical advisors. The Fight NJ won is a result of convincing the Dept of Commerce that the regulations NJ proposed meets all current requirements . Raising the size limit is resulting in killing more females. Male summer flounder die off beginning at 17″ and 99% of males are gone by 18″ so the ridiculous regulations that have been proposed by ASMFC results in killing a breeding stock. I have watched since first summer flounder size limit went in at 13″ in 1984 the stock grow every year but one UNTIL 17″ size went in and growth slowed,17 1/2 ” size went in and stock started a slow trend down,at 18″ the stock has taken a serious downturn and under ASMFC current regulations that will continue. NJ average size based on my 9000 tagged fluke over a 20 year period is 14.45 ” . I will also tell you that 80% of all summer flounder after breeding on Continental shelf in winter will migrate slightly further north following a spawn.
The ASMFC is NOT doing the job it was intended to do and the Technical Committee is not looking at real numbers and rely on VERY Small sampling numbers . In addition the boat they use for dragging sampling is ineffective due to the type of net they use and draggers near the BIGALOW (FEDS boat) are reporting much better catches than the Fed’s BIGALOW.

There is no doubt the summer flounder stock is down BUT it is going down because too many prime breeders are being removed . Keep in mine the Commercial size is 14″. At a recent ASMFC/Mid-Atalntic council meeting of advisors EVERY ADVISOR FROM RI TO NC was in agreement raising the size was WRONG and all agreed we need to implement a slot size of some type .
I have been Stripers Forever member for many years and for most part agree with your efforts on Striped bass BUT please stick to Striped Bass.
I will also predict IF the ASMFC is allowed to operate as it currently is Striped Bass will be seriously affected
Bill (bucktail willie) Shillingford