Fishing Report 6/8-6/9

Left dock yesterday looking for bass an only found Bluefish, Switched to fluke and found 6 shorts and one 21″er
This morning was another beautiful morning and one of those rare days where moon sets and sun rises within minutes a beautiful site for sure . Went looking for bass in some different spots and managed to get 3 shorts up to 23″ plus one Bluefish
AND than the fun began , Engine cut out on me ,finally got it started BUT could not get higher than 3500 rpm and I am about as far away from my dock as I have been all year. So began the long haul back to dock at 3500 rpm’s . Hour later I arrive at dock and call Barnacle Bill who offer 2 suggestions neither of which worked. Engine will run up to 5500 rpm’s in neutral but as soon as I put it in gear 3500 is max. Called him back and now will wait for a visit from him early next week,not wanting to pull boat and take it to him given the weekend traffic SO I will not be fishing next couple of days
There are a few fluke around but to find a legal fish you need to really work at it Good luck this weekend