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Still no fishing for me

I don’t think I am missing too much but I am shutdown until I make decision on new engine. My engine has cylinder #2 sleeve cracked off and piece went through and smashed the park plug , in addition Cylinder #4 has a crack in same spot
I will be calling Evinrude first thing in morning to discuss this with them AS my last engine crashed with very same problem.
I intend to discuss this before buying another ETEC . Both engines failed right around 3800 hours..So stay tuned it may get interesting

I’ve got a few bucktails for sale

My 2017 production run on bucktail jigs is complete and all orders met. I do have a few left over in small quantities

1oz total 13 —-10 white,2 Chart,1 pink
3/4 oz “” 16 —-10 white,4-Chart,2 pink
5/8 oz “” 8—— 8 pink
1/2oz “” 25—– 10 pink,7 white,8 -chart
$1.75 per plus shipping                    IF any interest contact me at email


Well boys and girls Bucktail Willie is in dry dock with serious problems. Boat is in the Boat Hospital where the Doctor has reviewed the problem with me and it is not good . There is some internal damage on one intake valve . The Good News is the pistons area looks good and pressure is good but the damage further inside could still be a lot worse but the doctor won’t know until further disassembly is taken. In any event I will not be given any fishing reports for at least 2 weeks …
There are some nice fluke starting to leave the shallows and head to inlets and there are school bass to be caught along with Bluefish that are still hanging around

No Fishing 6/12

Pulled boat and delivered to boat doctor who doesn’t have hours on Monday so I will wait until tomorrow to get the results of his examination…. Little bit warm today in any event so I will spend the day cleaning reels

Tried fishing this morning after trying one more fix to engine but problem still exist and I can’t get over 3500 rpm’s so I will have to pull boat in morning and get to the boat doctor as apparently I have some defective valves in the exhaust
So the fish are winning today

Fishing Report 6/8-6/9

Left dock yesterday looking for bass an only found Bluefish, Switched to fluke and found 6 shorts and one 21″er
This morning was another beautiful morning and one of those rare days where moon sets and sun rises within minutes a beautiful site for sure . Went looking for bass in some different spots and managed to get 3 shorts up to 23″ plus one Bluefish
AND than the fun began , Engine cut out on me ,finally got it started BUT could not get higher than 3500 rpm and I am about as far away from my dock as I have been all year. So began the long haul back to dock at 3500 rpm’s . Hour later I arrive at dock and call Barnacle Bill who offer 2 suggestions neither of which worked. Engine will run up to 5500 rpm’s in neutral but as soon as I put it in gear 3500 is max. Called him back and now will wait for a visit from him early next week,not wanting to pull boat and take it to him given the weekend traffic SO I will not be fishing next couple of days
There are a few fluke around but to find a legal fish you need to really work at it Good luck this weekend

fishing report 6//5-6/6

I went out yesterday 6/5 looking for bass on top of the tide and all I found was one bluefish in a 90 minute trip,short day because I had bucktails to deliver

Today I left dock around 5am again looking for bass and after 2 hours never had a touch. Switched to fluke and same results ,tide starting out and looking like rain but headed to one of my favorite spots . Got several bites but fluke were just mouthing the bait . I even had 2 fluke follow the 2 baits all the way to surface but wouldn’t take it . Rain coming decided this was last drift and bang I got hit good and landed a 21″ fluke .Really wanted to make another drift but rain was coming down pretty good so headed home to clean a fish in the rain
Tomorrow looks drier but Windy so not sure what I will end up doing

Fishing report 6/4

Left dock at 5am looking for bass and found Bluefish,perfect tide but I could not find one . Sea Gull Choir was also off tune a little. Can’t blame it on the weather as it was a perfect morning. Switched to fluke and wherever I stopped it was wall to wall boats and not many bent rods.Managed to hook into 4 short fluke but damn it was slow . Sure was enough boats looking on a beautiful morning. I was back at dock by 9 little disgusted . Next 2 days loo wet ,maybe real wet

fishing report 6/2

Well I left dock at 5:30am but it was still too late for a bass blitz Ted and the General both had 3 fish before I dropped line BUT did manage to land one 26 “er and than the Bluefish showed up and I landed 2 . Went back looking for bass but found no more. Switched to fluke and bite was slow,they would picked up my bait and spit it out more times than not. Did managed to get 4 shorts before calling it morning
Will not be out tomorrow as I will be on the radio discussing NJ being ruled out of compliance by ASMFC .It now goes to Sec of Commerce and if he signs it NJ fluke fishing will be shutdown. Given NOAA gave us the 3 fish at 18 and 104 day season option I would give it a 50/50 chance he will not sign off but we shall see in upcoming couple of weeks .
IF Nj is shutdown there NEEDS to be a massive letter writing effort to you congressman

Fishing Report JUNE 1

A beautiful morning as I pulled out of the dock ,Started out looking for bass and once again found Bluefish. I think the Bluefish have scared the hell out of the bass.Left the Bluefish went looking for fluke. Bite was once again slow but I did managed 7 and one of them was 21″.Fluke are clearly on the move and not schooled up like they were prior to the Moon tides so you have to do a little searching. I didn’t not catch 2 fluke in same area today which clearly is unusual on the last of the outgoing tide.
Hope to fish tomorrow but will not fight the crowd on Sat.