Another beautiful morning as I pulled out of the dock and decided to skip bluefish and find some fluke and I did. Caught and tag 14 fluke but only 2 over 18″ .this was on last of outgoing and beginning of incoming. Decided to look for Bluefish before calling it a morning and found them in a little different place and managed to get 12 between 20-24″. After losing my last rig to these teethy monsters I called it a morning.
Tomorrow I will only fish a couple of hours before a AC Press reporter meets me to discuss my 20,000 tagged fish. Have no idea what her agenda will be . NJ Marine Council meets today and whatever the 2017 regulations will be will come out. Personally I think NJ needs to go out of compliance and go to Court as NJ is getting screwed big time on summer flounder , I will attend the meeting