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A current NJDEP survey asks New Jersey’s registered anglers for help gathering critical socioeconomic data in advance of the ASFMC summer flounder appeal in early May.
By Jim Hutchinson, Jr. | April 24, 2017

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New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council members Capt. Joe Rizzo, Capt. Bob Rush, James Alexis and Sergio Radossi consider the opinions of state anglers before weighing in on the summer flounder situation at their January 5 meeting.
On April 21, many New Jersey anglers received an email alert and survey link from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regarding summer flounder.

If you’ve ignored the email, or simply tossed it into your electronic trash bin, there’s good reason why you should stop and think about the importance of this request – specifically the difference between two additional fluke and an inch in size limit!

This week, NJDEP is compiling information generated through the electronic survey. From May 8-11, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) will convene in Alexandria, VA for their spring meeting, at which point members will review the NJDEP appeal to the February 2, 2017 summer flounder decision. NJDEP is hoping that some of socioeconomic data compiled in this online survey to anglers can become part of the state’s defense of the appeal.

According to NJDEP, in reaching its February decision mandating a 1-inch size increase to the state’s current recreational summer flounder minimum size limit (raising it from 18 to 19 inches) and a decrease in possession limit from five fish to three, ASMFC did not adequately determine or consider the potential economic impact of the new quota on the summer flounder industry in New Jersey.

“This survey is designed to help estimate the extent of the economic impact of these recently approved summer flounder management regulations on recreational fishing,” noted NJDEP in the survey description. “Your responses about recent trends in harvest size, abundance, and throwback mortality will help inform future decisions that promote conservation while minimizing adverse economic impacts.”

Interested New Jersey anglers are encouraged to complete the survey as thoroughly and accurately as possible before the end of the day Tuesday to give NJDEP time to compile information towards the upcoming appeal presentation. The survey should only take about 15 minutes to complete, and participation in the survey is voluntary (your identity throughout remains anonymous and answers will be kept confidential.)

Take the NJDEP summer flounder survey by Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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