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Left dock this morning with 2 hours of incoming left and I hit all my early season spots and my fishfinder looked like a desert ,nothing. Top of the tide I found one small bass of 17″ but only one in that spot. Decided to head home after tide turned and stopped in my creek and landed one more rat of 17″ Beautiful morning but nobody told the fish
Tomorrow I may look for some fluke as I’m sure there are some around as Ted picked up a couple this morning.
While no fish it was a great April day to be on the water

2017 fishing season has begun

Launched Bucktail willie this afternoon and after a quick test run I decided to drop a line and see if any bass were around.. I only had about a half hour so I hit my spot that has produced on my first day for past 9 years. Sure enough second pass I got into an angry 22″er ,stuck a tag in it and headed back to spot.. Wind is howling and tide almost out. On this pass I missed my spot so went back knowing time was short . Right on my spot I get into another short bass of 20″. Headed back to dock to finished putting everything away and get my trailer home.
If weather allows I will be working the Hight tide in morning.
April will be a tough month as I have several baby sitting duties on the calendar but will go everyday weather allows that I am free