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Fishing Report 4/29

Left dock with tide in an hour and immediately saw Big bluefish all over .
Started trolling slowly and they were immediately jumping on my bait and first stop was a double header that bit off at the boat . This nonsense went on for next 4 hours, I would land one out of 5-6 hook ups and losing rigs one right after another. I did manage to get 9 to the boat and released with a yellow tag of ALS. 2 of them bottom out a 15lb scale with one going 39″ . Amazing morning but had to quit as I ran out of rigs and bucktails .Wind coming up strong so called it a morning
If you want big Bluefish now is the time but take a lot of rigs and better yet try using wire leader and you may save some rigs


Today was Bluefish Day as they were all over destroying my equipment. Landed 5 and lost another 6-7 on bite offs. these fish were 11-14lbs and very angry
Tried for fluke but could only find one ,so not shaping up as a goof fluke year but maybe when water warms a little they will bite
If you want big blues now is the time


Left dock this morning with bass on my mind and 3 hours later still had bass on my mind but not on any hooks. Never had a touch and I covered a lot of water
Decided to switched to fluke and I got a little lucky and lost the “snake bite” .Picked up 5 fluke before calling it a morning 3-16″ .1-18″ and 1 20″.. Maybe the fluke are going to start even if a little later than normal
Nice morning to be on the water

Another day no fish

Left my dock about an hour following a very high tide. Started out looking for bass and found none. Figured I could surely catch a fluke so headed to Bay and after 2 hours I had not lost a piece of bait
I am getting s little frustrated and probably not good company unless you are drinking with me
Have no idea what is going on in my area but it sure appears to be a desert. Tomorrow I will burn some gas and look into some other areas
Last week I had fish,this week nothing !!!!!


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Fishing News
A current NJDEP survey asks New Jersey’s registered anglers for help gathering critical socioeconomic data in advance of the ASFMC summer flounder appeal in early May.
By Jim Hutchinson, Jr. | April 24, 2017

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New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council members Capt. Joe Rizzo, Capt. Bob Rush, James Alexis and Sergio Radossi consider the opinions of state anglers before weighing in on the summer flounder situation at their January 5 meeting.
On April 21, many New Jersey anglers received an email alert and survey link from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regarding summer flounder.

If you’ve ignored the email, or simply tossed it into your electronic trash bin, there’s good reason why you should stop and think about the importance of this request – specifically the difference between two additional fluke and an inch in size limit!

This week, NJDEP is compiling information generated through the electronic survey. From May 8-11, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) will convene in Alexandria, VA for their spring meeting, at which point members will review the NJDEP appeal to the February 2, 2017 summer flounder decision. NJDEP is hoping that some of socioeconomic data compiled in this online survey to anglers can become part of the state’s defense of the appeal.

According to NJDEP, in reaching its February decision mandating a 1-inch size increase to the state’s current recreational summer flounder minimum size limit (raising it from 18 to 19 inches) and a decrease in possession limit from five fish to three, ASMFC did not adequately determine or consider the potential economic impact of the new quota on the summer flounder industry in New Jersey.

“This survey is designed to help estimate the extent of the economic impact of these recently approved summer flounder management regulations on recreational fishing,” noted NJDEP in the survey description. “Your responses about recent trends in harvest size, abundance, and throwback mortality will help inform future decisions that promote conservation while minimizing adverse economic impacts.”

Interested New Jersey anglers are encouraged to complete the survey as thoroughly and accurately as possible before the end of the day Tuesday to give NJDEP time to compile information towards the upcoming appeal presentation. The survey should only take about 15 minutes to complete, and participation in the survey is voluntary (your identity throughout remains anonymous and answers will be kept confidential.)

Take the NJDEP summer flounder survey by Wednesday, April 26, 2017

– See more at:

FISHING REPORT 4/23 or lack of

I left dock on top of tide on a cool morning and started looking for bass ,FOUND NONE, switched to fluke and FOUND NONE, also no Bluefish
HELL, I couldn’t even lose a piece of bait. 3 hours of outgoing and never had a touch
Either fish aren’t here or I have lost my touch ,in any event I am not in best of moods


Left dock on start of incoming with a little more easterly wind. Started out looking for bass and found none but did get into a big Bluefish.Switched to fluke and never lost a piece of bait it was like the dead sea !!!. Tide in 2 hours so decided to look for bass again and managed to find one 18″ er … One interesting thing with the bass so far this year every one ,granted it is only 6, but every one has hit my teaser and not the bucktail.
Well I will be off the water until Sunday at best

fishing report 4/17

Left dock this morning on start of incoming,plan was to travel north looking for bass but no bites and nothing showing up on my screen. Made a run back to the Bay and went looking for Fluke.First bite was a Big Bluefish that had my drag screaming. Finally got it to net,stuck a tag in it and let it go,was well over 12 lbs… Fluke bite was real slow and damn snot grass is driving me to drink . Did manage to land 4 fluke 17-18″ .Tide 2/3rds up so went back looking for bass but found none
Water on bottom of tide was 61 in bay ,tide 2 /3rd’s in and water in my creek had dropped to 49 I will try one more day than off to babysitting duties

Fishing report 4/16 or lack of

Left dock this morning for sunrise service and sea gull choir was outstanding with an hour left of outgoing tide Water temp 56. Tried for bass and never had a touch.Headed to bay looking for fluke and all I found was snot grass. Could not keep bait clean. Tide coming in and I went back looking for bass with nothing but snot grass ,. Disgusted I headed home.. South wind last night seems to have pushed all the snot grass off the mud flats. Probably will clean up on top of tide but I will be home

fishing report 4/13

Target today was Fluke or summer flounder whichever you like. I had 2 hours of incoming and headed to bay . Fish were there but getting a hook in them was tough. They were mouthing the bait but not fully taking it.However I did manage to get 2 of 17 and 19″. Once water slowed and turned out never had another bite
Clearly fluke have arrived ,while you can’t keep them they are fun to catch and I suspect once water temps settle down there will be some big fluke found.Currently there is an 6-8 degree change (48-56) in water temp depending on tide and location
No fishing for me tomorrow and not sure about Sat as I will be on Shep’s radio show Sat morning