2017 fishing

Fluke are beginning to arrive daily even in this cold water and these will be the biggest fluke of the year. They are pretty tough to catch until water temp gets to 46 and above but they are moving in.
In those inlets not being destroyed by the dredging they will come through and head to our shallow bays where they will begin stuffing themselves with grass shrimp. They will not be where you caught them last summer. They will be in shallow bays that heat up first. A good sunny day should get you a bite especially on an afternoon outgoing tide.
Go SMALL ,1/8 and 1/4 oz shad darts or bucktails tip with small plastic shrimp or a small plastic worm and worked very slowly will get you some early fish
NOW remember you will have to throw them back so handle with care. Try not to get pissed off at the Commercial guy fishing next to you as he is legal .HOWEVER if you see a guy using a rod and reel on his boat call Law Enforcement as he can’t do that.
You may also find some Bluefish early ,you won’t see a lot of bird action but watch your depth finder