I want to wish all of you who have followed this site all year A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and GREAT NEW YEAR with tight lines on every trip
Fluke fishermen are in for some tough times UNLESS there is enough momentum in writing comments when the 30 day Public Opinion opens up next month
Current proposal passed by Mid=Atlantic Council is 3 fish 19″ and 104 day season.
The data is flawed and Council admits it but it is all they have to work with
Your Federally elected officials need to hear from you NOW and you need to comment when Public Comment opens which I will put out
The recommendation should be at very least to leave 2017 same as 2016 and let the SSSFF organization complete it’s work and submit to Council late next year . Preliminary data from SSSFF indicates very high percentage over 18″ are females and 18-24″ are the most productive spawners …. My limited numbers from the few I keep and looking at fish being cleaned at my dock indicate 99% 18″ and over are females
Getting politicians involved and commenting during Public Opinion period is critical otherwise if you want to eat flounder you may have to go to fish market as finding them over 19 is tough in Cape May County



  1. I also enjoy reading your fishing reports and always learn some new info about fishing. Thanks for the reports and have a merry Christmas .

  2. Matt Redmond says:

    I read your site every morning at breakfast and look forward to the info I get. Very helpful and I wish I was a better fisherman, but someday. Have a great Christmas.

  3. Mike Betsch says:

    Let us know on your website when and where to post a comment and I will be happy to do so.

  4. Mike betsch says:

    Can you tell me where and when the meeting is tomorrow, I checked what I thought was the website and there was no meeting scheduled tomorrow. I would post it on your blog, there might be more than me interested in going