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few comments on summer flounder

Guys , let me try to clear up some facts #1 All the NJ Marine Council can decide once the Feds set the guidelines is opening and closing dates ,they will have NO input on size and bag. #2 The decision comes from NOAA and NOAA gets the recommendation from Mid-Atlantic Council and Mid-Atlantic Council must followed the M/S act . #3 the meeting in Galloway following the Marine Council meeting will be the start of the 30 day public comment period. Every comment is recorded and all comments from all the meetings gets to Council and NOAA and in my opinion critical if there is any chance of getting any relief #4 In addition to comments in this meeting there MUST be a flood of emails,letters ,phone calls to Council members and finally #5 There MUST be contact with your Congressmen and Senators and make sure you are angry
There is a clause in the M/S act that requires an economic study on any changes BUT this rarely gets done and that is a point that needs to be made to Congress members .
Communication with Congress members can be short and sweet by making 2-3 points and try to keep it to one page if writing
Couple of suggestions
#1-ask your Congressman and/or Senator to get involved.. NJ is in the region with NY and Conn BECAUSE NY fishermen got together and got their congressmen involved while NJ congressmen slept
#2 Put a hold on any changes until better data is available like SSSFF data expected late 2017

#3 recommend allowing smaller fish like 2 fish between 14-19″ and one over 19″ to
REDUCE the number of dead fish being thrown back. The number of dead fish going back will increase if 19″ size holds
Keep it short and sweet to get the right attention on the problem
UNLESS there is a lot of noise from fishermen there is NO CHANCE OF SAVING THE SEASON
Following the June 5th meeting there will be a 30 day public opinion period BUT you don’t have to wait to contact your Congressmen regardless of where you live,PA congressmen and others outside of NJ will all need to be involved
The BALL is in the fishermen’s court,clearly fishermen don’t always win but neither do they catch a fish every time they drop a line BUT if you don’t have a line in the water I doubt you will catch a fish and the same is true about getting some relief on summer flounder


I want to wish all of you who have followed this site all year A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and GREAT NEW YEAR with tight lines on every trip
Fluke fishermen are in for some tough times UNLESS there is enough momentum in writing comments when the 30 day Public Opinion opens up next month
Current proposal passed by Mid=Atlantic Council is 3 fish 19″ and 104 day season.
The data is flawed and Council admits it but it is all they have to work with
Your Federally elected officials need to hear from you NOW and you need to comment when Public Comment opens which I will put out
The recommendation should be at very least to leave 2017 same as 2016 and let the SSSFF organization complete it’s work and submit to Council late next year . Preliminary data from SSSFF indicates very high percentage over 18″ are females and 18-24″ are the most productive spawners …. My limited numbers from the few I keep and looking at fish being cleaned at my dock indicate 99% 18″ and over are females
Getting politicians involved and commenting during Public Opinion period is critical otherwise if you want to eat flounder you may have to go to fish market as finding them over 19 is tough in Cape May County



I got an invite from Pat to fish with him on his boat the Retainer and along with another fishermen Ted we headed out with 2 hours of incoming tide in Egg Harbor River. 2 hours of incoming and NOTHING, We made a move as tide started out and found a small patch of fish that looked like bass. Well,over the next 3 hours we caught 16 bass from 24-34″. A helleva nice way to close out 2016
NOW I’m sure I am done for 2016 as weather forecast is COLD and WINDY for next several days


I hooked up with Pat Martin on the Retainer and we headed up River looking for bass on a cool and windy morning .We search all our normal spots seeing nothing on top of the tide . Tide started to move out and we found a pod of fish ,Pat hooked up and landed a 27″ bass . We went back to same spot and drifted same line and found nothing, bass disappeared . We searched all over and never saw another sign of a bass and called it a day as wind picked up a little more given us a drift of over 2mph