Calm morning as I pulled out of dock with 2 hours remaining on a strong incoming tide. I hit all my normal sports and never saw a fish or any bait . Took a ride and tried another spot that has not been producing past couple of weeks and no fish here either. Moon Tide is up and nothing but water almost to the Parkway so I decide to try some creek mouths in Ludlam and found one with some small bass…Picked up 3 and lost 2 others as clearly they were not attacking the lure. These fish were up tight against a bank and than I lost my lure on something on bottom and couldn’t get off. I probably scared whatever fish were there trying to retrieve a favorite lure because I never had another bite
Tide started out and it was running hard and gave it another hour without seeing another fish
3 short bass saved the day 18-20″
Will give it a go again tomorrow but current plan is to pull boat Sat and call it a year