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Bucktail Willie is now out of the water and done for 2016 .2016 will go done as worse year in 60 plus years of fishing Corsons Area. One short bass on last trip
I will be recapping the year a little later with some insight on different things that did work in this strange year and will recap by month
I may get out once or twice more with friends but it appears the only inshore bite is for a couple of hours on top of tide as there is little bait to be found.
If you can find some herring breaking water good chance for bass and there might be a bite around bridges at night which I may look into  . The bite will be offshore for next few weeks BUT the bass will be moving fast south


I got an invite from the Retainer to fish with him in Great Egg this morning and we left dock under cover of darkness just as tide started out. Water temp had dropped to 43 but we managed to find 5 bass before tide dropped out. Nothing big all 5 between 25-27″. Wind came up as tide bottom out making it tough to drift so we call it a Turkey day and headed home


Wind finally let up and I went out on start of incoming tide.Little cool with air of 41 and water 43 but as tide came in water temp climbed to 48 .I hit all my favorite spots and never saw a fish ,no bait and no fish.Listening to radio there appeared to be a bite offshore but nothing for me inside
My try tomorrow of outgoing if I can stand the cold


What difference a day makes ,I left dock on a beautiful morning and went to same area I got 8 yesterday and today NOTHING,never had a touch and only heard of one short bass being caught out of 12-15 boats ..Weather will turn nasty so don’t expect to get out again until Wed for my last week of fishing in 2016


A beautiful Sept morning oh wait it is November in any event left dock with 3 hours of incoming tide and on first stop caught a 26″er 3 more drifts across same area 3 more bass -2-26″ 1-27″ than nothing so made a move. Picked up #5 of 26″ followed by a 32″ er than nothing made another move and found 2 more of 26″ and one at 19″ Tide up and dead and now nothing. worked the outgoing for an hour and half with nothing so called it a morning
Total 8 bass on a beautiful morning. Tomorrow is looking good than weather turns south but it looks to be only Sunday and Monday so I may stay in another week ???


Went out this morning with 2 hours of incoming and it turned into another flood tide . I trolled down into Ludlam Bay with nothing. Decided to go further into Ludlam where I had a couple yesterday NOTHING. Tide is full,very full but has slacked off and I went back to where I started to see if a bass came in to visit ,NOTHING. So I decided to try a spot that worked in the Spring on start of outgoing and WOW finally got a hit but missed it .Continued to work this area and I managed to get 3 short bass 17-20″ This is getting frustrating and I’m debating with myself whether to pull out Sat or wait to next Sat. Clearly if I stay in I won’t be fishing Sunday and Monday given the forecast Decisions ,Decisions ????


Calm morning as I pulled out of dock with 2 hours remaining on a strong incoming tide. I hit all my normal sports and never saw a fish or any bait . Took a ride and tried another spot that has not been producing past couple of weeks and no fish here either. Moon Tide is up and nothing but water almost to the Parkway so I decide to try some creek mouths in Ludlam and found one with some small bass…Picked up 3 and lost 2 others as clearly they were not attacking the lure. These fish were up tight against a bank and than I lost my lure on something on bottom and couldn’t get off. I probably scared whatever fish were there trying to retrieve a favorite lure because I never had another bite
Tide started out and it was running hard and gave it another hour without seeing another fish
3 short bass saved the day 18-20″
Will give it a go again tomorrow but current plan is to pull boat Sat and call it a year


Should have been a perfect morning ,high tide at daylight ,very light winds BUT that big moon must have scared the hell of them because all I could find was one short bass of 20″ I fish the first 3 hours of outgoing and never had a touch


A beautiful but cool morning,light winds when I pulled out of dock with tide just starting out . First stop picked up a 27″er but no more in that spot,made a little move and another 27″er b ut no more,made another move and got 26″er.but no more . Went back to end of creek and found another 27″er but not another. Wind coming up pushing tide so made one more little more drastic move and found one more bass of 24″
Tide half out and wind gusty I called it a morning with total of 5 bass. Clearly they are not schooled up and what is there is moving around
tomorrow I will have a little more tide


Left dock around 1pm with start of incoming tide .
Nothing the first hour trying 4 different spots . Than when deciding to make a big move picked up one 27″er than nothing . Took a ride back to where we started and worked the area ,missed one but was seeing a few so stayed in area and picked another of 30″ . But that was it and getting dark and a little cool so called it a day
Clearly the migration has got here and time is running out for this old guy