I got out a little later than usual this morning as I wanted to give tide a chance to come in a little. quickly picked up 2 bass 23 and 25″ than nothing . I went a long stretch finding nothing. Tide is up and overflowing the banks so I decided to make a run for west side of Ludlam to a favorite spot of mine. This spot has not produced for me since spring but gave it a try and it paid off as I managed to get 4 bass, not big but very angry between 18-20″. 2 caught on a rebel and 2 on a rubber bait . Got a little wet in a cloud burst but bite was over
Total for the day was 6 bass and 1 Bluefish
Weather is going to go south ,may be able to get out in morning but than it looks like a 3 day blow .Forecast of 30-40 mph winds tomorrow afternoon and stiff winds through the weekend …Probably need it to get the fish moving and hungry.. I saw very little bait today