Left dock around 5:30 on a cool but refreshing morning.Tide was out an hour so I headed to a shallow bay determined to catch a Striped bass . After 100 plus cast and about to leave the area I got into a sick 22″ bass on a popper.Sick because it’s tail was all chewed up and bleeding and first one I’ve seen like that this year,usually see them in Spring. Stayed on the spot and made another 20-25 cast with nothing .Went looking for a fluke and found 2 shorts . Sun up and very bright so decided to look for some Spots and could only find 2 along with 30 small sea bass. Wind coming up and tried a couple other areas for Spot with no success and called it a morning
Water temp has dropped a little (73) and I am encouraged for the next couple of days with this morning high tide. We shall see !!!!