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A beautiful morning and an interesting morning. Started out looking for bass before sun came up and found nothing. Headed back to my creek to look for Spot and this is where it became interesting as I got into 6 Fluke including a 19 and 20″er ,found 4 Spot,1 kingfish, 1 herring along with a ton of small sea bass and bluefish…Kept me entertained for an hour and a half before calling it a day
I won’t be back on water until Sat

fishing report 9/25

Another day of north winds ,little lighter but still stronger than I would like. The morning followed same pattern as days before just different areas.Looked for bass until sun got up than went looking for Spot. Results were 2 short fluke,2 blowfish,2 -Spot and 60-70 small sea bass. Water temp finally dropped out of 70’s and got down to 68 so maybe something will begin to happen
I will get one more day in and than off to baby sit for 4 days


Yesterday I left dock little before sunrise looking for bass and worked my way all the way up to Roosevelt BLVD hitting every creek on way up and I all I found was sea bass.
Today I decided to work the inlet area and found 1 -17″ fluke and sea bass. Bottom of tide I decided to hit some deep holes on bottom of tide but once again just sea bass
Headed back to my creek looking for Spot and found no Spots but did get 3 ocean perch which went into my live box just in case the bass ever show up


left dock under cover of darkness and first hour of incoming. Tried for bass until sun came up with nothing ,water temp 74 still too warm
Switched to Spot and little sea bass drove me crazy and only got one Spot and called it a morning
Water Temp has to drop one of these days


Another lousy fishing morning,beautiful sunrise however. Worked the entire sound with a popper until sun got up and never had a touch. Lots of bait but no bass
Decided to try for some Spot and headed to a spot I was told about but found nothing,made several other stops on way home and other than the pesky little sea bass all I got was one ocean perch which went into my bait box just in case a bass shows up some day.
Good news is water is beginning to clear up Tomorrow I will try some different spots


Beautiful morning with one helleva great sunrise but fishing sucks.Tried for bass using poppers until sun got up .nothing not even a splash,,
Switched to fluke and it was awful,one short fluke..Tried for Spot and only found sea bass
Water is filthy
Boat may be going up for sale


Left dock around 5:30 on a cool but refreshing morning.Tide was out an hour so I headed to a shallow bay determined to catch a Striped bass . After 100 plus cast and about to leave the area I got into a sick 22″ bass on a popper.Sick because it’s tail was all chewed up and bleeding and first one I’ve seen like that this year,usually see them in Spring. Stayed on the spot and made another 20-25 cast with nothing .Went looking for a fluke and found 2 shorts . Sun up and very bright so decided to look for some Spots and could only find 2 along with 30 small sea bass. Wind coming up and tried a couple other areas for Spot with no success and called it a morning
Water temp has dropped a little (73) and I am encouraged for the next couple of days with this morning high tide. We shall see !!!!


Yesterday I spent 2 hours looking for Spot and found 2.I could not get to the hot spot that I was given as tide was too low. This morning I tried again for Spot and found one along with 50 little sea bass . Stiff west wind kept me close to home . Before calling it a day I headed to the spot where I first heard of the 9/11 attack. I’ve said this in the past but will repeat. It was the first day I ever had an AM radio on board and while listening to talk radio on WOND the news came across.
Today as I have in past years since I went to the same spot and had a moment of silence after which I pissed on the Muslim bastards and left. I wil never forget that day


wIND finally laid down a little so I went out looking for a hungry bass but after 2 hours of looking I found nothing. 2 other boats out looking for same thing and nothing. Decided to try for some Spot but all I could find was sea bass…Wind coming up so called it a it a morning
Will take next 2 days off

sept 5 th update

Bucktail willie is back in the water ,wind died a little this afternoon so she went back in
Tomorrow looks windy maybe Wed will be fishable than I will be off Thrus and Fri to baby sit
Water is cloudy but doesn’t appear to be too bad and with upcoming NW wind should clear up quickly