LEFT dock this morning with a plan to work my way north looking for bass or a weakfish and made my way all the way to 34th without a touch. Drifted off and on back without a touch.not even a crab bothering me…Headed back to Strathmere Bay looking for Fluke .Wind coming up strong NE .Last hour of incoming the drift was fast,tide started out and the wind was overcoming the tide making for a tough drift … Pretty crowded here but managed to get 6 short fluke before calling another wasted day
Did have an interesting morning however ..I watched 2 fox stalk a bird ,couldn’t tell what kind but there were feathers flying all over as the won their prize….. AND in Flat creek I get called to look at a 18-20 ft boat belly up and floating down the creek . Could not tell if anyone was under boat,called Coast Guard and was told they picked up 2 off the meadows last night and Sea Tow was coming for the boat..I have no idea how that could happen unless than ran up a bank and flipped in the dark..Sea Tow showed hook and hauled it away