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fishing report8/30

Left dock with light NE wind,last hour of incoming and went looking for weakfish and now still looking. Tide started out I switched to fluke but could only find one 17″er and tiny sea bass choking on my bait. Decided to look for Spots for bait later but all I could find was small sea bass
Water temp 78 on top of the tide and I suspect oxygen levels are low
We need a good storm or few days of stiff SW wind to get fish active I think.
Clearly water temps have to drop for anything to get excited
Cannot remember a worse August and I put blame on the dumb ass inshore dredging and beach replenishment


Beautiful morning but fish bite was slow. Tried for bass prior to sun rise throwing a popper until my arm hurt,raise one bass but apparently it was cross eyed and missed the hook but that was all..Switch to fluke and it was slow ,did manage to get 3 with largest 17″
I’m going to read my logs and try to come up with better plan


Left dock this morning at 4:30am with weakfish on my mind,sun came up at 6:15 and still had weakfish on my mind but nothing in boat.Switched to fluke and found 6 shorts ,2 may have gotten to 18″ if I step on them but they went back with a tag..Small sea bass will drive you crazy and for me that is a mshort drive
Will take 2 or 3 days off and play with Grand kids

fishing report 8/24

Left dock around 5am looking for weakfish in some different areas and found none. Switched to Fluke in middle of the Bay and landed 6 on start of incoming tide 5 shorts and 1-19″er
Tide coming in strong making a fast drift I called it a morning
Pink was color of choice this morning with dolphin strips

fishing report 8/20 &21

Yesterday I went back looking for weakfish and found nothing but 4″ sea bass and 1 short fluke
this morning on first of incoming I thought I would look for a bass and found nothing. Stiff NW wind hindering the effort.Switched to Fluke but drift was 3mph with incoming tide and NW wind.Managed to find one short and called it a day at 8am


A beautiful August morning and no wind. Left dock at 5am with tide in 1 hour and headed out looking for weakfish. Found 2 before sunrise ,small but still weakfish at 14 and 15″ ,Once sun up could not find another and switched to fluke. Found 9 fluke but only 1 legal at 19″ .Small sea bass drove me crazy but otherwise a pretty nice morning

Weakfish all caught on the Boulavard Bait and Tackle special bait on bare hook

fishing report 8/19

Left dock this morning at 4:30am and it was a beautiful morning with fantastic sunrise. Weakfish were on my mind but after looking for 2 hours with nothing I switched to fluke and fluke bite was very slow but did manage to get 2 ,1-16″ and 1-19″ ..Small sea bass drove me crazy .Fish the tide up and than called it a day to get out of the heat
Fluke both caught on Boulavard Bait and tackle dolphin filets Water temps have dropped a little and was 69 on top of the tide

fishing report 8/17

Left dock with a water temp of 77 that quickly dropped to 65 . Looked for a bass in cooler water but found none.Switched to fluke and could only find 2 shorts.. Tried for some Spots and all I could find was 4-5″ sea bass
I may take another day off tomorrow


Headed out this morning with oldest son ans 2 grandkids….. air temp at 6am was 84 ugh!!! We fishing 1 1/2 hours as air increased to 90 and water temp was 83
Managed to find 14 short fluke before giving in to the heat.
Will try again maybe Sunday


Went out for last 2 hours of outgoing this morning and found a steady pick of fluke ,mostly shorts but did get one 19″er
Total was 12 before calling it a day at 7:30
ALL caught on dolphin strips available at Boulevard Bait and Tackle in Ocean View