Fishing report 7/8

Left dock this morning at 4:45 with air temp of 77. Plan was to see if a lonely Weakfish may be hanging around on bottom of the tide but no weakfish….Went looking for Bluefish before calling it a hot morning and could only find 2..Hung around for 1st hour in but nothing happening in same spot I was yesterday
Returned to dock by 8am
I will not be fishing tomorrow for sure and will leave it to the fast running shoobies …Sunday is up in the air ..Ocean temp is reported to be 63 this morning so I suspect the incoming will just keep getting colder ,these 10-12 degree water changes make if difficult. If you are fishing tomorrow I would suggest spending time looking and don’t spend a lot of time in any one area with no bites Crabbing appears to be excellent
Enjoy the weekend,