A BEAUTIFUL sunrise following my departure around 4:45am…My original plan was changed as a result of hearing of some short bass being caught in another area but I found nothing. The spot I was headed to had a bank fishermen who I watched catch 2 small bass under the sod bank but nothing in channel. Frustrated I went back to original plan where I found one 21″ Bluefish but that was it..Switched to fluke and all I could find were shorts 6 of them and called it a morning
IF anyone in my area is finding fish I sure would like to hear about,not looking for locations just wondering if anyone was finding fish in my area….I stopped in an Ocean city tackle shop yesterday and heard nothing but complaints about lack of fish in inside waters ..I told them to blame their politicians who have managed to screw up this areas fishing with beach replenishment and destruction of inshore lumps and destroying the natural environment along the beach fronts
Tomorrow is another day ,water temp has settled in between 71-75 top to bottom