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fishing report 7/31

Well, saying goodbye to July I headed out on top of tide looking for a bass and finally found one of 20″ on a popper but that was it.Tide starting out I switched to fluke and managed to find 10 including one legal fluke of 19.75″ .Sky has been threatening all morning and now getting dark so headed to barn ,cleaned up boat and once again got to car and the skies opened up ..Cannot believe my timing .
When is it going to cool down a little ??? Water temps have settled down a little with only a 4-5 degree swing between top of tide and outgoing unlike last week when we had 12-15 degree changes


lEFT DOCK WITH BASS ON MY MIND but after seeing water temp of 76 I was not optimistic and found no bass. Switched to fluke and found short fluke .
ended up with 16 short fluke nothing over 17″
After a week with only seeing 1 or 2 boats the waterways were full today,,,Beautiful,morning for sure


LLEFT dock this morning with potential rain all around me. I headed south looking for bass but only found 5 Bluefish ,Dick went north and found 2 bass so I headed north but got there too late ,, Took a look at my smart phone screen for weather and saw nothing by red 30 minutes away so headed home but stopped in Strathmere Bay for fluke and found 3 shorts .Storm now minutes away so headed to barn,docked ,cleaned up the boat got in the car and it came down in buckets . Never been that lucky !!!!!!


lEFT dock this morning at 4:30 and it was dead calm . Went looking for bass but all I could find was a Bluefish with a yellow tag that was not mine . Know of 3 bass that were caught just not by me. Switched to Fluke and it was slow,managed to get 4 shorts plus first Sea Bass large enough o tag.
Tomorrow not looking good as a flood watch is already in place for 6pm tonight until 8am tomorrow so have no idea what I will do tomorrow..Would be nice for this heat wave to break


Went out this morning after losing an argument with myself as to whether to fish today and found ONE 23″ bass that wanted to commit suicide followed by a Bluefish than nothing on bottom of tide.. Switched to fluke on start of incoming and found 6 shorts and called it a day.
Green heads were terrible this morning

fishing report 7/26

Another hot morning and lousy fishing (catching ) continues. I started out looking for bass with 2 hours left on tide and 72 degree water but nothing. Switched to Fluke and landed up with 5 but never more than 1 in any one spot and all small….Looked around for Spots but all that could be found was small sea bass and 1 Blowfish
Disgusted I will have to have a debate with myself as to whether I will try in morning

fishing report 7/25

Left dock this morning in threatening skies and storms all around .Last 2 hours of outgoing found nothing .Storms to south and west but I stayed dry . Tide started in and found one loney Bluefish and a short Fluke .. Headed home but made a stop to see if any Spots have showed up and managed to get one so maybe things are looking up for Spots and Striper candy in future


I debated with myself whether to fish this morning around 4am. After losing the debate I went fishing … Looked for a bass on last of outgoing NOTHING, Took a ride looking for Bluefish and found none
Incoming tide I tried for fluke and found 4 shorts disgusted I headed home.
I will probably make a better argument tomorrow morning not to fish but we shall see


Little breezy when I arrived at boat this morning and forecasted to get pretty windy….Left dock as tide was starting in ,not best tide but it is what it is.Water temp 75 . I headed to where Bluefish were yesterday but it was like the dead sea. Wind against tide and snot grass, all over. Tide in 1.5 hours and I finally get a small Bluefish followed by another Bluefish and than nothing for next hour. wind is building so start to head home with one stop for fluke but given wind was against tide there was little to no drift so called it a morning
OBSERVATIONS— I have been fishing these waters for over 60 years.Even while living in Indiana I go back out here 6-7 weeks a year to fish AND always got out here for 2 weeks middle 2 weeks of July.. Those years I found abundance of Fluke,weakfish,Bluefish and some years Stripers. The past 3 years July inshore fishing has been nothing like those years I was coming in from Indiana
AND I have some observations as to why
#1—there seems to me serious increase in bug spraying in our marshes and lawns, this has effected the spawning of small bait fish like silversides and possibly grass shrimp. I have no seen any large silversides this year
#2–Beach replenishment which began in 1963 and has gradually increased over the years has destroyed our natural beaches and today where there is beach replenishment there is no life, In addition the sand being pumped onto our beaches is getting pushed into our inlets and choking our inlets and inshore waterways… Also sodbank mussel beds that use to be thick along our sodbanks are greatly reduced over past 10 years
#3 This is flounder specific ..When fluke regulations were put in the size was 13″ and the stock began to grow, Over the next several years the genius’s responsible kept raising the legal size BUT stock kept growing UNTIL 17 1/2″ when stock leveled out .BUT since introduction of 18″ the stock has been going DOWN… Reason is clear to me 98% of fluke 18″ or larger are females and by insisting on them having to be 18″ to keep we are killing off the reproduction. Commercial fishermen can keep a 14″ fluke BUT IN ORDER TO SAVE THE STOCK ONCE THEIR QTLY QUOTA IS MET THEY MUST SHUT DOWN UNTIL NEXT QTR OPENS UP

These are my thoughts and you can certainly disagree but I have logs going back to 1954 and have based my theories on what I have seen over those years…YES there may be a few other reasons but these are what I consider prime


Left dock this morning following a little rain with Fluke on my mind .Water temp when I pulled out of dock with tide 3 hours in was 76 but dropping like a rock…Hit a couple of spots with nothing…Headed for a shallow flat as tide was filling in and found 3 shorts and little sea bass all of 4″ driving me crazy. Headed to middle of bay and picked up 3 more shorts . Water temp now 64 and starting out . I decided to try my creek but up in shallows as figured as cold as water got quickly they may be looking for sun.
Worked a shallow flat and picked up 3 more including one legal of 20″ …Been windy all morning but now as tide is dropping and wind against tide I called it a day