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left Dock this morning at 5am before having to drive to Rye ,NY and only 2 1/2 hours to fish ….first 2 hours of outgoing produce nothing but a 30″ bluefish ..Last 1/2 hour I picked up 2 -27″ bass on live eel but than had to head to the barn .I suspect the bite would have been good for another hour or so but I couldn’t wait’
Hope to be back Friday morning ….Water warming a little as it was 64 on top of the tide…Suspect the flounder bite would be good last hour of the tide


FINALLY found some decent bass. Little windy when I left the dock at 5am but more northerly which is fishable on outgoing tide. First stop picked up 3 bass 26,27 and 29″ than nothing so I made a move and found more and bigger bass ,picked up 3 more at 29.34 and 35″ All on live eels . Tide out so called it a morning .
Didn’t expect to fish tomorrow but think I will give it a couple of hours as I don’t have to leave for NY here until 9:30
Fish were all found in water temps under 64 never had a bite in water 65 plus


i LEFT dock 45 minutes before sunrise looking for bass. Wind was stiff but fishable ….Several passes and nothing but decided to stick it out and was rewarded with 2 bass of 26 and 27″ .than bluefish came through chopping up my eels . Sun came up and wind came up making it difficult to keep boat on good drift and no fish . Made one stop on way in and picked up one 17″ Fluke but wind was making it miserable so called it a morning
Surprising thing to me is I can’t catch a bass on a bucktail only on eel
I’ll give it a try again tomorrow morning than off for 2 days as my oldest son is coming to NY and I haven’t seen him in over a year.should be back out Friday


Cool morning with more wind than I like at bottom of tide. Fished last 2 hours out in 62 degree water and found nothing. start on incoming I found an infant who apparently was looking for it;s mama ,tagged her and sent her back to find it’s mommy, Never had another touch,incoming water quickly dropped to 59..Picked up one short fluke and disgusted I headed home,water temp down to 58 at dock. To make this even a better day!!!! I find my bilge pump not working,finally come to conclusion pump is shot ,should not complain as it has been in the boat for 12 years…Make a long story short after 3 stops in marine shops I found an exact match which was critically needed other wise major hose replacing would be needed …Tom and his expertise came to my rescue and did his excellent job of installing the new pump…..Ever need a good boat /motor mechanic Tom is outstanding
I probably won’t fish tomorrow as I will be on Shep’s radio show at 7 Hope to be back on water Monday morning


Left dock this morning 5:45, a cold June morning with a temp of 49 at the boat. Wind 12-15 but expected to get up to 20 or more.Bass were on my mind. Water temp at dead low tide was 61,ocean surf reported to be 58 pretty cold for June ,guess that is due to ice bergs melting as a result of Global Warming. Worked my creek with an eel and as tide started in I got into a 30″ bass … Wind is building against the tide making it tough to drift… Worked the area until I couldn’t stand it anymore and called it a morning ,back at dock by 8:15. Never saw another fish on my screen.
The bass had a 14″ bunker in her belly so she had to be one hungry spawned out fish
Never tried for fluke as I suspect given how cold the water is there would not be a bite until tide got halfway out under full sun
I can not remember a year with so much wind BUT given the cold water I suspect the bass bite will continue


Left dock at 5:15 with bass on my mind almost dead tide and I needed it to start in. Little wind from west BUT I knew the wind was just sucking in as the sky just before sunrise was a brilliant red RED SKY IN MORNING SAILORS BE WARNED
Tide an hour in and I got into one 26″ bass. Water temp on bottom of tide 66 but first hour in it dropped to 62 quickly . Missed a bass than got into another and landed a 24″er Water temp still dropping and bottomed out at 59 and Bluefish showed up tearing up my eels. Decided to go back to dock for more eels but the General gave me 2 and I went back looking for bass but with wind howling it was tough to get a good drift and bite appeared over so decided to call it a morning before the wind got worse 2 bass and 2 bluefish landed and went through 10 eels
I suspect wind will be a problem in morning


LEFT dock this morning with bass on my mind. tide in an hour and first stop hooked up with a 23″er ,went back over same spot and missed one .Went back and hooked into a 26″er …Made 2 more passes with nothing . thinking about moving but made one more pass and it made my day as it was a 30″ bass…Wind coming up and after 4 passes with nothing headed to fluke grounds and picked up 3 shorts and called it a morning..All bass caught on eels and I needed to get some more eels for tomorrow
Tomorrow is calling for strong wind BUT maybe and hopefully wind will come later in morning


Today is a day I would like to forget,Left dock before sunup looking for bass and after an hour of looking switched to fluke in the north and still nothing . Came back to try for bass and hooked up with one BUT she spit to hook 10 yards from the boat… Made a couple more passes with nothing. ..Headed up my creek with stiff west wind and got hung up in the mud . Engine died due to over heating .Called Dick who came to my rescue and pulled me off….Engine finally fired off and I headed to Ludlam and managed to find 11 fluke but all shorts. Disgusted I headed home . Cleaned up the boat and turned pump on to get rid of excess water and NOTHING…Troubleshooting began and 3 1/2 hours later I find a break in a ground wire in what looked like a perfectly good wire. I had check that wire with meter but I guess there was no stress on it when I check and once I set switch back into place it pulled loose
This a day I hope to forget


I gave it a shot today and found 8 short fluke ,idiots running faster than idle through numerous boats leaving huge wakes got to me so
I left the area and went looking for fluke in areas that usually produced but haven’t so fat\r this year and they didn’t produce today . Tied up to dock at 8:45am …I will wait until Monday and begin looking for bass     One more day to play with grand kids

fishing report 6 /1

Another month begins and fluke bite is still slow and much slower than my first 10 days in early April..Water VERY COLD on bottom ,on surface I saw a 14 degree difference in different areas . April, I had 58 on bottom and consistently 58 on surface and bite was good but now there seems to be much too much variation in temps for a consistent fluke bite
Left dock around 5:30 tide just starting out ,started out looking for bass but found none,not all that unusual for this time of year and should pick up,historically mid-June to Mid July has been excellent for bass
Headed to middle of bay looking for large fluke with large bait and after 2 hours all I had was one 24″ fluke,saw few shorts being caught but my bait was probably too big … Headed to barn around 8:30 .Balance of day will be playing with Grand kids