Left dock at 5:15 with bass on my mind almost dead tide and I needed it to start in. Little wind from west BUT I knew the wind was just sucking in as the sky just before sunrise was a brilliant red RED SKY IN MORNING SAILORS BE WARNED
Tide an hour in and I got into one 26″ bass. Water temp on bottom of tide 66 but first hour in it dropped to 62 quickly . Missed a bass than got into another and landed a 24″er Water temp still dropping and bottomed out at 59 and Bluefish showed up tearing up my eels. Decided to go back to dock for more eels but the General gave me 2 and I went back looking for bass but with wind howling it was tough to get a good drift and bite appeared over so decided to call it a morning before the wind got worse 2 bass and 2 bluefish landed and went through 10 eels
I suspect wind will be a problem in morning