Today is a day I would like to forget,Left dock before sunup looking for bass and after an hour of looking switched to fluke in the north and still nothing . Came back to try for bass and hooked up with one BUT she spit to hook 10 yards from the boat… Made a couple more passes with nothing. ..Headed up my creek with stiff west wind and got hung up in the mud . Engine died due to over heating .Called Dick who came to my rescue and pulled me off….Engine finally fired off and I headed to Ludlam and managed to find 11 fluke but all shorts. Disgusted I headed home . Cleaned up the boat and turned pump on to get rid of excess water and NOTHING…Troubleshooting began and 3 1/2 hours later I find a break in a ground wire in what looked like a perfectly good wire. I had check that wire with meter but I guess there was no stress on it when I check and once I set switch back into place it pulled loose
This a day I hope to forget